Ella’s Kitchen Keeps Kids Snacking #ngfoodie

Ella's Kitchen #ngfoodie

Ella’s Kitchen Keeps Kids Snacking

About a year ago, we discovered the joy of Ella’s Kitchen pouches. They were so easy to use with the Boon spoon we had and they traveled in our diaper bag so well. Lately it has been a challenge to get W to eat more than waffles, bananas, chicken nuggets, and cereal bars. Sometimes he will be brave and eat other things, but those are his favorites these days.

Ella’s Kitchen worked so well for us when he was younger that I hoped it might be the answer now. They offer a great variety of flavors with pouches designed for a variety of age ranges. But I was most interested in the new Nibbly Fingers.

Ella's Kitchen Nibbly Fingers

Nibbly Fingers

Nibbly Fingers are one of the newest products available. They are snack bars made with organic fruit, vegetables, and whole grain oats. They don’t contain any refined sugars or concentrates! You won’t find any preservatives either! Only naturally occurring sugars. Plus they are a great size for toddlers.

We received a mangoes & carrots Nibbly Fingers bar. I will admit that the carrots made me a bit nervous. W is not a fan of carrots in any form right now. He will eat some vegetables but not carrots. Not raw. Not cooked. Just no carrots.  I tried a bite before offering it to him. It tasted fruity and a bit sweet. No sign of carrots so I was hopeful once again!

Ella's Kitchen is Toddler Approved

Toddler Approved

The Nibbly Fingers bar was gone in about two minutes. That is the sign that W really loves something! I will admit that he even picked up some crumbs he dropped on the floor and ate them. I would say that the bar was definitely toddler approved!

As a mom I feel good about having this kind of snack on hand for him. While it might not be quite the same as him eating fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s definitely a great alternative to the snacks he usually wants to eat. Plus, they also travel perfectly in my purse or the diaper bag. The perfect post-gymnastics class snack.

You can learn more about the complete line of products on the Ella’s Kitchen website. You can also connect with Ella’s Kitchen on Facebook and on Twitter @ EllasKitchen.

How do you get your toddler to eat healthier?

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