Family Game Night is Great Affordable Family Fun!

Family Game Night is Affordable Family Fun #DipDipHooray

Affordable Family Fun

This year I will only be teaching part-time so finding ways to have affordable family fun is key. I love spending time with J and W. I love catching photos of them together. So finding activities that we can all do together without spending a ton of money is one of my goals. I’m always on the hunt!

Before we were parents, J and I would go to the movies or play miniature golf for fun. It was a blast but W isn’t quite old enough for either activity yet. I do not even what to think about what my toddler would do with a golf club in his hand. Watch out world!

He is old enough to play a few games though. He may not follow the rules but I love that we can have a family game night now! So this week I set out to plan one for us! First I had to hunt through the house to see if we had any games that W could play. He has a lot of puzzles but I wanted a game.

#DipDipHooray Family Hasbro Game Night

Family Game Night

We recently got the Elefun Snackin’ Safari game and W loves playing it. There is definitely no rule following but it gets everyone laughing so I thought it would be perfect for a Hasbro Game Night! I dreamed of adding Hungry Hungry Hippos to our game collection, but W is not quite old enough yet. Those marbles would be in his mouth in an instant!

But one of these days I will make more Hungry Hungry Hippos memories with my son! I have some great ones from my own childhood so I look forward to introducing W to the game.

Since our game night was going to be a Friday night (when we usually have a meal that is more of a splurge), I knew I needed some fun food to go along with our games!

Dip Dip Hooray Coupon


Confession time… I’m the girl who always said my child wouldn’t be the type who only ate chicken nuggets. Well… he does eat a decent variety of food but the kid loves chicken nuggets and chicken fingers. He will pretty much eat them anywhere we go. Of course, he’s also been known to eat my salmon and enjoy fresh salsa. So there is still hope.

But Tyson Chicken Nuggets are a staple in our home. They are easy to prepare and when W is not interested in eating anything else at lunch time, I can get him to eat a few chicken nuggets. Then he’ll go down for a nap. He will not sleep if he’s hungry so chicken nuggets are lifesavers sometimes!

While picking up some more Heinz Ketchup at Walmart, I spotted a #DipDipHooray coupon!

#DipDipHooray Coupon Save $2

With the coupon, you can save $2 when you buy all 3 products listed. Well the products were perfect for our family night. I knew W would eat chicken nuggets and french fries. Plus we don’t have french fries often so it was a great little treat for us as well! So I headed to the frozen food aisles to pick out our dinner! You can check out my entire shopping trip in my #DipDipHooray Google+ album!

DipToPlay Sweepstakes

The coupon also had a QR code and website link to In the Heinz Dip Dip Hooray DipToPlay sweepstakes you have the chance to win a $1,000 Hasbro Game Night! now that would be a blast! I was able to enter the UPC codes off of the Ore-Ida French Fries, Heinz Ketchup and Tyson Chicken Nuggets we purchased.

It took me just a minute to sign up and enter my codes and I unlocked an online game! We are entered in the sweepstakes and I’m hoping we win! You can visit the website and enter for your chance to win! You can read the sweepstakes rules then enter. I would love for one of my readers to win this one!

Tyson Chicken Nuggets & Ore Ida French Fries

Making Dinner for Daddy

While we waited for J to get home from work, W helped me get ready for our family game night! He helped put the Tyson Chicken Nuggets and Ore Ida French Fries on the pans. But I did the hot oven work! We also baked some cupcakes to surprise Daddy!

We were able to get all of the food for our family night for under $13. That included the chicken nuggets, french fries, ketchup, cake mix, cake frosting, and soda (which I use instead of eggs and oil in my cakes). We still have enough chicken and french fries to have another meal too. So it’s definitely an affordable way to feed the family. Much cheaper than going to a restaurant or fast food place!

Family Game Night Treats

W even helped me decorate some cupcakes. He did the one in the front (and I cleaned it up a bit for its photo shoot). Apparently one type of sprinkles wasn’t enough and he had to have them all! Sure, it was a little messy letting him help but it’s worth the smiles and memories!

So we were all set to enjoy dinner and game time together! Those are memories that are priceless!

Tyson Chicken Nuggets for Dinner #DipDipHooray

Dinner and Game Time!

W was thrilled when it was time to eat! He sat at his little table and ate his chicken nuggets then his french fries. He likes to have all of his food separate these days. So I give it to him one item at a time. Oh the quirks of toddlers! Once we’d all finished eating, it was game time!

Hasbro Game Night with Elefun

Dad and W got all of the pieces out together while I played paparazzi. I’ll admit that I’m usually behind the camera but I’m getting better about getting out from behind the lens! I’m also not very good at playing Hasbro’s Elefun Snackin’ Safari. Actually no one in my family is but we definitely laugh a lot while playing!

We played for about half an hour which has to be some kind of record for W! He has the typical toddler attention span but this game keeps him involved. I think part of it is that he loves playing with his Dad!

Making Family Memories with Family Game Night

A miracle occurred during our #DipDipHooray family game night… W helped clean up when we were done playing! We have been working on encouraging to help clean up and it has been hit or miss. So this was a great ending to a night of tons of fun!

Since we already owned the game and have food left over for another meal, I would say we enjoyed an evening of fun together for under $8! Talk about affordable family fun! Try taking the family out to have some fun for that price! I definitely recommend planning your own family game night!

You can get great ideas for your own Family Game Night on Hasbro’s Dip To Play website. Look for the Dip Dip Hooray coupon at your Walmart to save some money! You can also follow Heinz on Facebook or Twitter @DipAndSqueeze, Tyson on Facebook or Twitter @ClubTysonLive, and Ore-Ida on Facebook.

What would your family eat and play during Family Game Night?

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