10 Family Splash Day Activities

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One of the best ways to have fun on a hot summer day (or even a warm Spring day here in Texas) without spending much money is to plan a family water day! Kids of all ages (even parents) can have a great time hanging out in the backyard and getting wet!

10 Family Splash Day Activities - Tips for Affordable Family Fun

10 Family Splash Day Activities

  1. Use tinted water. Fill your water balloons or water bottles with colored water. A few drops of tempera paint or your child’s watercolor set can easily be tinted a rainbow of colors. I wouldn’t recommend using food coloring as it can stain.
  2. Spray bottles. If you’re not a fan of squirt guns, old spray bottles are a great alternative. They are even more fun when filled with colored water!
  3. Colored ice cubes. This is an idea I have used on a smaller scale in my classroom. If you have a baby wading pool for your little one, create colored ice cubes prior to your family water day. Fill the pool with water and add in some ice cubes. Your little one will have a blast chasing them around the pool.
  4. Ice Block Animals. Freeze small animal toys (or other little prizes) in ice cubes and have an ice cube melting contest!
  5. Add shampoo to the Slip N Slide! If you’re looking for a little more slip and a little more slide, try a few drops of shampoo!
  6. Sponge Relay. This can be done as teams if you have a large family or as individuals. Each person or team has a sponge and a bucket or bowl full of water. At the other end of the course is an empty bucket or bowl. Players must race back and forth, soaking their sponge and trying to keep as much water in it as possible as they run back. First bucket filled is the winner! You can also use any article of clothing or small blankets instead of sponges.
  7. Sprinkler Freeze Dance. Place your sprinkler in a central location. As the music plays everyone dances or runs around the sprinkler. When the music stops, everyone freezes, and the water turns ON! Who can stay frozen the longest?
  8. Water Balloon Toss. As an alternative to throwing water balloons at each other, set up hula hoops or buckets at varying distances as targets. The person who hits the most targets with their water balloons wins!
  9. Water Limbo. This one is great for the entire family! Use the water from the hose as a limbo stick! Lower the stream of water each time and see who gets wet first! How low can you go?
  10. Play SPLAT! This is another great water balloon alternative. Each person gets a water balloon (fill them to be about the same size). Holding it over their head, they throw it down on the sidewalk, trying to make the biggest wet mark that they can. Use a measuring tape or yardstick to measure. You can also outline the splats with chalk and label them with names and measurements. Who will make the biggest SPLAT?

Have you ever had a family splash day? What activities did you include or would you include in a water day with your family?