Fisher-Price Apptivity Case for iPad is Kid Tough

Fisher-Price Apptivity Case for iPad

Fisher-Price Apptivity Case for iPad

Earlier this summer, I shared the story of how the Fisher-Price Apptivity Case for iPod helped keep W bust on our car drive to San Antonio. W loves playing with his apps on my iPod Touch and when I got my iPad, he was more than interested. I wasn’t just ready to hand it over willingly though for obvious reasons.

We needed an iPad case that was kid tough and Fisher-Price came to the rescue again with the Fisher-Price Apptivity Case for iPad. It’s an extremely sturdy case that also protects your iPad, iPad2, or iPad3. We have the iPad2 so it was perfect for us!

Fisher Price Apptivity Case Easy to Use

Easy to Open Packaging

One thing I love about the Apptivity cases is that they are so easy to get out of the packaging! All you do is twist the black plastic piece and you’re golden. After battling my share of packaging on products designed for W, this was a welcome sight. It was definitely one worth mentioning. When your little one is standing next to you and demanding to use the case, you want it out of the box as quickly as possible!

Packaging is one thing I never thought I would worry much about until I became a parent. Now I understand the true importance of easy to open packaging and batteries included!

Toddler Tough Fisher Price Apptivity Case

Because if you’re not quick enough, your child might just snatch the case away. W did before I could even put the iPad in the case. He thought it was fun to try to press the buttons on the cardboard piece that comes inside the case. Whatever works, right? Eventually he did want the real iPad though.

Just as with the iPod case, you need a coin to open the back of the iPad case. So make sure you have a quarter handy! It’s one thing that is a little annoying sometimes but is much better than needing a screwdriver to open the case. And I do like knowing that the iPad is securely in the case.

Fisher Price Apptivity Case Makes Technology Toddler Proof

Toddler Safe Technology

I love that the Apptivity case makes my iPad safe for W to use. It has a plastic piece that protects the home button. The home button happens to be W’s favorite part of the iPad. He’s always pressing it and closing his apps. Then he’s a frustrated little man. But with this case, the home button is protected so he can play in his apps for a longer period of time.

The Laugh & Learn apps from Fisher-Price are also some of our favorites. W loves the colors, music, and animals. I love that they are high quality free apps! Combined with a case that includes rings that W also likes, I am much more comfortable letting him use the iPad.

The Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for iPad is available for $35. It is designed for ages 6 months and up making it an investment that will last for a while! You can learn more about it on the Fisher-Price website as well!

Do you let your child use technology such as the iPad?

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