Follow Frenzy Monthly Blog Event


What is Follow Frenzy?

Follow Frenzy is a monthly event focused on social networking for bloggers. If you are interested in increasing your following on Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook, or other outlets then Follow Frenzy is for you! Follow Frenzy is hosted by Mariah of Formula Mom and Darcy of Tales from the Nursery.

When is Follow Frenzy?

Follow Frenzy is held the last weekend of each month and space is limited to 15-20 bloggers each month. Each month, the event will begin at 12:01am EST on Friday morning and conclude at 11:59pm EST on Sunday evening. Each participant will be required to keep the event post or event button sticky at the top of their blog or listed in a prominent place on the front page of the blog. Readers should not have to click through menus to find it.

The schedule for the remainder of 2011 is as follows:

    • August: 8/26-8/28 ($130 prize, participants gained an average of 200 – 250 new followers.)
    • September: 9/23-9/25 ($165 prize, average # new followers: GFC – 147, Twitter – 249, FB – 250)
    • October: 10/22-10/24 ($150 prize, average # new followers: GFC – 141, Twitter – 210, FB – 276)
  • November: 11/18 – 11/20 ($150 prize, average # new followers: GFC – 133, Twitter – 241, FB – 278)
  • December: 12/30-1/1 (to ring in the New Year!)

 Who Can Participate in Follow Frenzy?

Any interested blogger or business can participate if they register and pay the fee. The cost to participate is $5 (non-refundable) per social media you would like included. For example, if you would just like people to follow you on GFC for the chance to win, it would cost you $5. If you would like to include GFC, Twitter, and Facebook it would cost $15. You can include up to 3 methods of follow each month. At this time, all money collected will go straight to the prize for the month. **For the month of December, Follow Frenzy will focus only on Twitter and Facebook as we make the transition from GFC to Google+!

All confirmed participants will be required to make a Follow Frenzy event post that goes live at 12:01am EST on Friday morning the weekend of the event. Mariah and Darcy will check all participating blogs on Friday morning and those without a post will be removed from the Rafflecopter entry widget and the entry fee will be forfeited. We do understand that hiccups happen and will be happy to discuss these on an individual basis.

Blogs will be listed on the Rafflecopter widget in the order of confirmed participation. If you are the first to pay, you will be the first listed beneath the two entries for the two hosts. If you are the last to pay for the month, you will be at the bottom of the entry list. Based on participation during previous events, entrants complete all of the entries available most of the time.

Win a Spot!

One participant will be chosen at the end of the event using and they will win 1 free follow method in next month’s Follow Frenzy! You can use it to get involved for free next month or to add an addition follow method!

November’s winner was Beck Valley Books!

All participants will be updated on the prize total via email and through the Tales From the Nursery Blogger Support Facebook Group. The Follow Frenzy button can be found below.

 Ready to Sign Up?

If you’re ready to sign up, please review the requirements for participating bloggers:

  • Complete registration form.
  • Make payment in amount that matches your registration form.
  • Make event post to go live at 12:01am EST on the Friday of the event.
  • Keep event post or event button sticky or in prominent place on front page of blog through the duration of the event. You can also use the button on the the front page of your blog during the event. It just needs to be easy for participants to find!

If you can agree to these guidelines, please click to complete the Follow Frenzy Registration Form and send your payment as a service via PayPal to Once your payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email and your spot will be guaranteed for the month.

Grab the Follow Frenzy Button!

Right click on the button below, save it, and upload it to share about Follow Frenzy!

Follow Frenzy! Win cash!

Thank you for joining us this month for Follow Frenzy!