This Blog is Not About Baby Formula but…

This blog is not about baby formula but… I was a formula feeding mom. It wasn’t what I had planned to do. It wasn’t something I’d even considered being an issue.

It was an emotionally draining journey from breastfeeding to formula.

I didn’t go gracefully. I didn’t go without a fight.

Formula Feeding Mom

I was a Formula Feeding Mom

I spent money on lactation consultations, supplements and more supplements, and equipment beyond my pump. I spent hours with my pump. I cried. My husband fed my son. I cried. I finger fed my baby because I was terrified of nipple confusion in the early weeks. I cried.

It took weeks for the logic of the bottom line to sink in.

My baby had to eat.

Babies have to eat.

I was a Formula Feeding Mom

My family supported my efforts although they also offered to support supplementing. I am pretty sure they were worried about me. But one day reality managed to overcome my new mom emotions.

My son was combination fed for the first four months of his life. He had my milk, milk donated from my sister-in-law, and formula. He spent the next eight months growing and thriving on baby formula.

Formula Feeding Mom at

Guess what?

My son is awesome.

He’s a healthy, growing toddler who is learning and amazing me each and every day.

Formula Feeding Mom: My Son

Are you a formula feeding mom? Are you a breastfeeding mom? Do you mix it up with a bit of both?

I have one thing I want you to know.

I support you. You are awesome.

Moms who feed their babies are awesome.

No matter how you do it.

Moms, you are amazing!