Frankenweenie Inspired Home Science Experiment: Inflate a Balloon

Frankenweenie Inspired Home Science Experiment

Home Science Experiment Inspired by Frankenweenie

My son is absolutely obsessed with science experiences as of late. He is constantly asking how things work and loves to see the outcome of our little projects. He’s definitely turning into a little scientist and I couldn’t be more proud.

With his newfound love of science, I am getting more and more excited for the upcoming Frankenweenie movie. After hearing the amazing experience my friend, Mariah from Formula Mom, had in Hollywood getting a behind-the-scenes look at the movie, I am looking forward to taking my son to see this movie.

In celebration of the scientist behind the movie, we decided to do a little Frankenweenie home science experiment of our own and learned how a balloon can inflate with the help of science. We didn’t have a recently deceased pet to work with so we had to work with what we had. And a balloon it was!

How to Inflate A Balloon with Science!


What You’ll Need:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Balloon


What you do: 



1. Fill the plastic bottle with vinegar. About four tablespoons will do but sometimes little scientists like to use more…



2. Next up we need to add a few teaspoons of baking soda into the balloon.



2a. Definitely let your scientist test out the balloon first to make sure there are no holes and that the balloon inflates properly with air.



2b. If you need help getting the baking soda into the balloon, use your fingers to stretch out the opening of the balloon while your scientist pours in the baking soda.



3. Place the opening of the balloon over the top of the water bottle filled with vinegar.



4. Once the balloon is securely on top of the bottle it’s time to pick the balloon up and dump the baking soda in the bottle.



4a. Make sure you get all of the baking soda out and watch what happens in the bottle. See the reaction?



5. Watch the balloon fill up and expand!



This experiment was an absolute blast to do and so simple. My son loved feeling the difference between a balloon he had blown up with air as opposed to the balloon that filled up with the vinegar/baking soda mixture. He let me know that the balloon filled with air seemed softer than the balloon filled with the gas from the vinegar/water.

The gas created is actually carbon dioxide. For older kids this is a great way to teach about chemical reactions and the reason why when both of these mix together they form carbon dioxide. Happy experimenting! Maybe next week we’ll have some roadkill to work with… but don’t count on it!

If you have a little scientist at home, Frankenweenie opens Friday, October 5th! You can learn more about the little scientists in the movie by liking Frankenweenie on Facebook!

What home science experiment have you done with your child?

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