Frankenweenie Movie Review: Love Conquers All! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Frankenweenie: A Love Story #DisneyMoviesEvent

Frankenweenie: A Love Story

A boy and his dog. It’s the ultimate story of love and loyalty. It’s true.

I bet you didn’t know that Frankenweenie was a love story. But it is!

Have you ever loved someone so much you could just feel it? Maybe you got those butterflies in your stomach or a tightening in your chest? The thought of losing them makes it hard to breathe? And you know you would do anything to keep them close by you.

Even bring them back from the dead?

If you know that kind of love then Frankenweenie is for you! You thought it was just the tale of an undead dog and what happens when kids get too involved in science experiments. (Science is scary!) It is… but it’s so much more as well!

Frankenweenie Review #DisneyMoviesEvent

Mom’s Thoughts on Frankenweenie

I had the privilege of attending the white carpet premiere of Frankenweenie in Hollywood. I gladly donned my 3D glasses as I settled in to my seat in the same theater as Tim Burton to watch his latest masterpiece. I don’t do gory horror films which but I like to get in the spirit of Halloween. This movie gives me the perfect chance to get out to the theaters!

I didn’t realize that I would find myself laughing and crying by the time the credits rolled.

The film tells the story of Victor Frankenstein (voiced by Charlie Tahan) and his loveable dog, Sparky. Victor is a kid who is all about making movies and science experiments. His father encourages him to get outside and get active (how many parents do this every day?) by joining the baseball team. Then as Victor rides the high of what looks like a home run, tragedy hits.

I’m not spoiling anything when I tell you that Sparky dies.

It is the tale of an undead dog after all. He had to die at some point.

Frankenweenie: Meet the Eccentric Neighbors

As life goes on for the Frankenstein family’s eccentric neighbors in the town of New Holland, Victor just cannot move past the loss of his beloved pet. Tim Burton did an amazing job of creating the world of New Holland. Not that I expected anything less. He is a genius when it comes to creating amazing worlds where incredible adventures happen.

But back to Frankenweenie and the adventures of Victor. The kid is some kind of scientific genius himself because through the use of pulleys, some batteries, a fish tank, and electricity…

Sparky is alive!

He’s alive! The moment Victor discovers his friend is back with him pulled at my heartstrings. It really did.

Of course, once the other kids discover that Sparky is alive, it’s a battle to see who can have the best science experiment. The science teacher, Mr. Rzykruski (voiced by the amazing Martin Landau), eventually gives Victor some advice about science. There is a secret ingredient to the young boy’s success… love.

See I told you it was a love story!

In the end, everything gets a bit crazy and animals are turning into monsters everywhere you look! This is definitely a lesson in not having a local pet cemetery. Didn’t the residents of New Holland ever read the book? Scary! But in the end, it is up to Victor to save the day! Will he save the town of New Holland from the mutant pets?

Near the end, I cried. I’ll admit. Does that mean Frankenweenie has a happy ending or a sad ending? You’ll have to see for yourself!

Is Frankenweenie Family Friendly? #DisneyMoviesEvent

Great for Kids?

Yep! I would say kids 10 and up are good to go. For younger kids, I would use your discretion. It can get a little intense near the end when different animals go all Frankenstein on the town of New Holland. If your kids are sensitive to the emotions of characters and darker music, they might be a bit overwhelmed. It’s definitely a mix of humor, sweet moments, and the darkness we all know Tim Burton can deliver!

But it’s a great film for older kids and parents to see together. It would be perfect for a family night out or a date night with one of your kids. It’s also a blast for adults on their own. I cannot wait to see it again!

J and I will be seeing it together on a date night later this month. I need to see Sparky and Mummy Hamster again! I wonder if W would let me dress him up as Mummy Hamster for Halloween this year. Oh, the inspiration…

Frankenweenie opens in theaters on October 5th! To learn more about the New Holland residents (and their pets!), check out the Frankenweenie website and connect with Frankenweenie on Facebook!

 Who will you take to see Frankenweenie?

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