Free Father’s Day Activities (Affordable Family Fun) #FathersDay

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Father’s Day can be about more than finding the perfect gift. It is an opportunity to spend some quality time with Dad. The entire family can spend time together to celebrate or everyone could get to spend some one-on-one time with him on his special day. There are a variety of free Father’s Day activities that your family can do!

Father’s Day Activities

  1.  Take over the BBQ! Instead of having Dad at the reins for a Sunday afternoon BBQ, mom can take over at the grill while the kids all put together side dishes! Dad can relax with a glass of lemonade and enjoy the meal being prepared in his honor.
  2. Go Geocaching! If your Dad likes to get outdoors and get active, all you need is a smartphone or a GPS and you’re ready for adventure! Geocaching is a great family friendly active where people hide treasures for other hunters to find using coordinates.
  3. Get digital! If the Dad in your life enjoys video games, spend some time playing with him on Father’s Day. J loves to play and I’m not great at many of the games he likes best but we always have a good time when I give it a try!
  4. Go Couponing! Crate a book of coupons for Dad! Coupon ideas include “Take out the trash” and “Mow the lawn” but you can use any chore that Dad usually does around the house. Coupons like “Free hug” are always great gifts as well!
  5. Give your time! No matter what your Dad is into, take some time to get involved with him. If he likes to go to church be sure to join him on Father’s Day. If he has been working on a repair project around the house, offer to help out. If he just wants to lay around and relax, turn on a movie and just spend some quality time together!

What Father’s Day activities do you have planned?