5 Creative Ideas for Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

A few weeks ago, I featured 5 No-Carve Halloween Pumpkin ideas in case you were looking for alternatives to the traditional jack 0′ lantern. Well, there are so many cute ideas out there that I just wanted to share a few more ideas that could help you turn a pumpkin into something else like a bat or a ghost or a cat!

5 Creative Ideas for Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

bat o lanterns halloween pumpkins1. Bat-o’-Lanterns

Turn your pumpkins into bats with a little paint, some craft foam, and miniature pumpkins! You will also need a few hours to complete this great Halloween Pumpkin project but they are so cute! For full directions, please visit the Bat-o’-Lanterns page at FamilyFun.

jeweled pumpkins

2. Jeweled Pumpkins

Any color paint works for this no-carve alternative although black definitely makes the jewels stand out. All you need is paint for the pumpkin, perhaps some metallic paint for the stem, some flat-back acrylic jewels you can find at the craft store, and your hot glue gun! This could be a really fun and unique pumpkin decorating activity to do with the kids as long as they have glue gun supervision!

plaid pumpkins using colored craft tape3. Plaid Pumpkins

These adorable pumpkins are some of the easiest to make. Find yourself some colored craft tape then use a dry erase marker (lighter colors are better) to draw your design on the pumpkin. Then apply your tape over your design using longer strips of tape for the best results.

scrapbook your pumpkin using stickers4. Scrapbook Your Pumpkin

One of the most kid-friendly way to decorate Halloween pumpkins is to stop by your local craft store or scrapbook supply store and pick up up some of the great Halloween themed stickers they have to offer. You can paint your pumpkins like in the photo or you could go with the traditional orange. You can find stickers to coordinate with any pumpkin idea you have and some of them make even make great decorations through the Thanksgiving holiday!

webbed pumpkin decorative pumpkin with metallic paint5. Webbed Pumpkin

You can easily add a decorative touch to any of your Halloween pumpkins using metallic paint pens and jewels from the craft aisle! Simply use a metallic paint pen to draw the web design. Start by following the vertical crevices in the pumpkin. When all of the vertical lines are painted, draw the horizontal lines, making them slightly scalloped and about 1 inch apart. The let the paint dry. Once you decide where you want to place your spiders use a bit of the metallic paint on the back of the jewel and place it on the pumpkin. The outline the spider with the paint pen. Tiny beads work great for the spider eyes. Remember that spiders have 8 legs! Yes, everything can be a teachable moment with the kids!

What are your plans for your Halloween pumpkin?