5 No-Carve Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Each year, my mom’s office has a pumpkin decorating contest and we have entered a few times. I’m always on the hunt for new, creative ways to decorate pumpkins for Halloween. I know that eventually we will be carving some old school Jack o’ Lanterns with W but until then, I like to look for the more unusual. I also like to decorate around the house and prefer pumpkins that aren’t carved. So, here are five of my favorite halloween pumpkin ideas for this year!

5 No-Carve Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

vampire pumpkins1. Vampire Pumpkins inspired by Twilight

These pumpkins are a little darker in nature but so cool, in my opinion. They could make great decorations for an adult party! They are inspired by all things vampire and Twilight. For all of the details, you can check them out on Curbly.

What you need:
white pumpkins
red 3-D fashion paint
nail (as in hammer and nails!)

Clean pumpkin to remove any dirt that might be on it.

For the dripping pumpkin, squeeze the paint along the pumpkin ridges. Make some drips longer than other for a more random look. You can also cover the stem with paint. At bottoms of drips, squeeze a little more paint to look like the blood has coagulated.

For the pumpkin with fang marks, use the nail to dig 2 small holes into pumpkin. Space the holes about an inch and a half apart. Place tip of  the paint into the hole you dug out and gently squeeze. Draw a line down from hole and create a bead of paint at end to suggest coagulation.

ribbon pumpkins2. Ribbon Pumpkins

I love this idea for a quick, easy, and very cute decorating idea! We used it at my Lil’ Pumpkin baby shower last year!

What You Need:
small pumpkins
double stick tape
ribbon in white, black, and orange prints

Attach double-stick tape to lengths of black, orange, and white patterned ribbon, then wrap around each pumpkin.

metallic pumpkins3. Metallic Pattern Pumpkins

What You Need:
white pumpkins (I recommend smaller pumpkins but you could easily do this with larger pumpkins as well!)
metallic paint pens (Sharpies work best for these types of projects)
white spray paint (if you cannot find the white pumpkins)

This is a super easy pumpkin decorating project that the whole family can do! All you need is a variety of paint pens or markers and some pumpkins and you’re ready to go! The only limit to this project is your imagination! Get creative with the patterns you use and have fun!

 glitter pumpkins4. Glitter Pumpkins

This is a project we’ve done for a few years and my favorite color to do is red although black is pretty cool looking too!

What You Need:
pumpkins (the fake pumpkins work great for this and then you can keep for next year!)
glitter in whatever colors you desire
paint brush
wax paper

To begin, I suggest that you put down some wax paper to help catch the glitter! Otherwise clean up could be messy! Well, I will be honest and admit that it will be messy but the final product is gorgeous!

Using the pain brush cover a section of the pumpkin with a thin layer of glue. If you’re doing a small pumpkin, you could coat the entire pumpkin otherwise I would work in sections. Cover with glitter and knock the extra off onto the wax paper. Continue working your way around the pumpkin. Once you have the entire pumpkin covered with glitter, set it aside to dry. Once it is dry, you can brush glue on the stem and glitter it too! This looks really cool with the pumpkin done in red and the stem in black. I also like using purple and black.

chalkboard pumpkins5. Chalkboard Pumpkins

This is a great project that I just discovered while browsing no-carve ideas this year. This is another one that would be great for the entire family.

What You Need:
chalkboard spray paint

This is definitely a project to be done outside so you have good ventilation since you will be using spray paint. Lay the newspaper out on the ground to protect the ground from the paint. Clean off the pumpkin to remove any dirt and dry.

Hold the pumpkin by the stem and spray the entire surface. Allow pumpkin to dry, then apply a second coat. Let the pumpkin dry for at least 24 hours. Once it is dry, grab your chalk and get creative!

What is your favorite No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins idea?