Friday Five: 5 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away! Where has the time gone? My school district gives us the entire week of Thanksgiving off this year which means the kids will be home for an entire week! I have been on the hunt for easy craft projects to keep little hands busy and projects that give them the opportunity to help prepare for the holiday!

5 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

1. Fall Tree Q-tip Paintings

All you need is construction paper (or another type of paper to act as your canvas), paint (red, orange, yellow, and brown), and q-tips! I would recommend paper cups or an old egg carton to use for the paint. It’s easier to put the paint in something that can be easily thrown away!


2. Little Gobbler Snack Cups

This craft requires paper cups, construction paper or scrapbook paper, scissors, and glue! It is a great way to get the kids involved in decorating. The cups could be use at the Thanksgiving table or before the meal if you’re a family who snacks on appetizers like we do!

Source: via Mariah on Pinterest


3. Painted Pinecones

These would be great for both Thanksgiving and Christmas depending on the colors you use on the pinecones. If you’re like us and have a lot of pinecones in your yard, it is great to find new ways to put them to use! All you need for this project is a collection of pinecones, paint brushes, and paint. I would use fall colors for Thanksgiving and glittery paint for Christmas! I also recommend putting down some wax paper or newspaper to protect your work surface!


4. Thankful Thanksgiving Turkey

This turkey is a craft that only requires construction paper, scissors, glue, and a marker. It is perfect for all ages as older kids can cut their own feathers, younger kids can use tracers to trace and cut their own turkey and feathers, and with a little help even the youngest kids can help glue and discuss what they are thankful for this year!


5. Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey

When I taught 1st grade, I always used to make handprint turkeys with my students but this version is amazing. All you need is a paper plate (white is fine although colored is better), paint (brown, red, green, orange, and yellow), felt pieces in fall colors, scissors, and glue. While this project is a bit more labor intensive, I believe the end product is one that parents will want to keep around for years to come!


Have you tried any of these crafts with your kids? What is your favorite Thanksgiving craft?