Easy Halloween Crafts

Easy Halloween Crafts

Easy Halloween Crafts

It seems like Halloween is just around the corner especially in the stores. The aisles are filling up with decorations, costumes, and candy! I have also seen a lot of Halloween craft kits full of all sorts of pieces you glue together or paint. These are great, but you can save a lot of money but gathering your own materials for some simple holiday crafts that can be done with the whole family! I’ve gathered 5 of my favorite Halloween craft ideas from my experience as a teacher, aunt, and babysitter (many years ago) to share with you!

Tissue Paper Candy Corn

Tissue Paper Candy CornWhat you need:
Tissue paper – yellow, orange, and white
Cardstock or cardboard (or even a paper plate!)

Tearing up paper and crunching it up is great for developing a younger child’s motor skills and it’s a lot of fun for the older ones! To make this cute candy corn, tear up your tissue paper into small pieces that can be crumpled up.

For younger children you may want to trace a candy corn shaped outline on the cardstock you are using so they have a guideline when it comes to gluing. You can also trace out divisions for each color. The you simply crumple and glue.

In my classroom, students used to trace their own candy corn shape on their paper using a cardboard tracing shape I had made. They also had the ever popular reminder about glue… dot, dot, not a lot!

 Lollipop Ghosts

Lollipop GhostWhat you need:
White tissue paper of kleenex
Lollipops (in my experience Tootsie Roll Pops are easiest to use but Dum-Dums are cute too!)
Fine point black pen or marker
Double-sided tape
Ribbon (optional)

For this easy craft, take a kleenex or cut a square of tissue paper that is approximately 8″ x 8″. Put a small piece of tape around the stick of the lollipop and fold the tissue around the lollipop. Press down on the tissue so it sticks to the tape. This step is often done best by an adult.

Use the black pen or marker to draw a face on the tissue but be careful because the ink will spread a bit. Then add an optional ribbon around the neck of the ghost to give it any even more festive look!

Paper Plate Spider

Paper Plate SpiderWhat you need:
Paper plate
Black paint (unless you can find a black plate)
Black construction paper
White paper, white dot stickers, or googly eyes
Black pen or marker
Glue (or Stapler)

If you can find a black paper plate then this craft is super easy! If not then you will begin by painting a paper plate black and letting it dry. You could also use a circular piece of cardstock or cardboard.

While the paint dries, fold each sheet of paper in half lengthwise (“fold it like a taco” as we say in the classroom) once and then once more. Then cut along your folds. If you do this to both 2 sheets of paper you will end up with 8 legs. (This is also a great craft for teaching about spiders.) Fold each strip to create pleated folds in the paper.¬† Once the paint is dry, glue or staple the legs around the plate. You can also use pipe cleaners for the legs if you would like a different look.

Cut out two circles from white paper (or use white dots or googly eyes) and draw black dots on them to make eyes. Then glue them on to the plate and you have a spider!

Pasta Skeleton

What you need:
Variety of dried pasta
Black construction paper

When beginning this project, I would suggest that you have kids lay out the pasta in the skeleton design they want before they begin gluing the pieces down. Then glue the pasta to the paper! You can use a variety of pasta for this project but there are some types that work better than others. Wagon wheels work well for a head while spaghetti works for fingers and toes. Elbow macaroni works well for ribs and penne makes good arm and leg bones. For younger kids it may help to draw a stick figure diagram as a guideline for where to place the pasta.

Paper Bag Pumpkin

Paper Bag PumpkinWhat you need:
Brown paper lunch bag
Orange and green paint (you can also use crayons or markers)
Black construction paper
Paper scraps or newspaper to fill bag

To begin this project have your child paint or color the paper bag. The top should be green (or brown) and the remainder of the bag should be orange.

Open the bag and fill with crumpled paper scraps or newspaper then twist the top of the bag to create the stem. Use construction paper to cut out shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Glue on to bag to complete the Halloween Pumpkin!

Do you have any Halloween crafts or activities that you like to do with the family? How do you get everyone involved?