Making Home More Energy Efficient with a #GELighting Makeover! #Cbias

Summer is upon us and while I spend a lot of time thinking about the pool and shaved ice, energy bills are also on my mind! It was 97 degrees here on Memorial Day which means the air conditioner was on! It has been on since March and while our bills have been fairly mellow, I have a feel that we’re heading into a very hot summer. Every year, this is the little push I need to take on another project towards making my home more energy-efficient. In October we moved into a new house and left all of our efficient light bulbs back at our old house. Lights were one area that we saw a difference by making some small and easy changes so I was ready to get started in our new home!

When I received the opportunity to makeover some of the lighting in our home with energy-efficient #GELighting, I was ready to go! My biggest challenge was deciding which room to start in. Well, I thought that was my biggest challenge but as I walked through the house, it became very obvious where we needed to begin!

Energy efficient makeover with #GELighting

The chandelier in our breakfast nook was in need of some major help! The breakfast area as proven to be the heart of our new home. It’s open to the living room and kitchen area and is a busy place. Since we moved in, we have painted the walls and hung some artwork. We still need to make window coverings and we definitely had to do something about the lighting. I was thankful it wasn’t some brass chandelier but it isn’t that much better. Oh, and it was burnt out bulb still in the fixture because we had run out and no one had purchased more yet. Yes, this room was screaming for some TLC in the lighting area!

Lighting makeover needed with #GELighting

Without a dimmer or any sort of shades, the light was bright in the breakfast nook and not very comforting at all. Oh, there’s that attractive burnt out bulb. I also realized that we had a mix of bulb types. Some had rounded tips while the others looked more like the candle flame tips. As I examined the lighting more and more, it became even more obvious that I had to do something about this!

Shopping for #GELighting at Walmart

So it was off to Walmart to get some new light bulbs! My goal was to find some bulbs that would fit the fixture so I took an old bulb with us. Usually I forget this step and then I end up guessing and sometimes I don’t guess correctly! That’s always fun! This time I remembered and we were off to shop. I knew that I wanted a bulb that would give less of a yellow light and more of a natural, clean light in the breakfast nook.

Shopping the lighting department at Walmart for #GELighting

I knew exactly where to find the light bulbs at Walmart but I don’t usually spend much time in the aisle. It was well-stocked and I took some time to look closely at the GE Energy Smart light bulbs. I used to suffer from sticker shock when looking at the light bulbs with more energy efficiency but on this trip, I resisted and actually did some math on a the bulbs that we would use most often around our house. It turns out that buying a multi-pack of the GE Energy Smart CFL bulbs had a lower price per bulb than the old incandescent bulbs I normally purchase!

Giving my home a lighting makeover and lowering our energy bills at the same time with #GELighting!

I ended up having the opportunity to try CFL and LED light bulbs because I decided to change out the bulbs in J’s “mancave” as well as in the breakfast nook. He has the habit of leaving the lamps in his room on even when he isn’t in the room. One of the easiest ways to save on your energy bills is to turn off lamps and other lights when you’re not using them but if I can’t get him to always remember to turn of his lamps, at least we will be saving energy with our new bulbs! There was definitely a larger initial investment with these bulbs but with their extended life, I won’t have to be out buying new light bulbs for quite a while! You can see more of my amazing math skills during my shopping trip in my #GELighting Google+ album!

My breakfast nook is more cozy and more energy efficient!

With new light bulbs and some small lamp shades I found, our breakfast nook has a brand new look. Gone are the glares from the uncovered incandescent light bulbs! It has been replaced with a cool, clean light from our new LED light bulbs that is softened by the new shades. The breakfast nook now has the cozy feel that I have been looking for since we moved in back in October! I’m also saving money on our energy bills which is another great perk!

Saving money with #GELighting

The “mancave” light bulbs have also been through a makeover and are now sporting the spiral bulbs that I was familiar with before I went shopping. The world of energy-efficient light bulbs has great variety to offer but these spiral bulbs have worked well for me over the past year so I love knowing that we have started switching over in our new house! The spiral bulbs aren’t the most attractive but they work well in lamps with shades where they can’t be seen. We have four ceiling fans in our bedrooms upstairs that will need new bulbs so I will need to take a few of those bulbs with me next time I go to Walmart to see what is available. Now that I’ve started, I’m ready to take on this project!

There are other great ways to help conserve energy including unplugging appliances when they are not in use, shutting down computers rather than letting them go to sleep when you’re not using them for an extended period of time, and checking your windows and doors for drafts. Summer is the perfect time to make some small improvements around the house to help save money as the hot days drag on for the next few months!

I used the GE Energy Smart® CFL Savings Calculator to figure out how much money my family could save if we changed all of the light bulbs in our house. I could save approximately $523.41 each year and save $2,868 over the life of the bulbs! That is vacation money right there and definitely a reason to make an investment that is great for your energy bill and for the environment! Do you use energy efficient bulbs? I would love to hear how much you could save if you made the switch!

You can learn more at, find GE Lighting on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @GELighting. You can also check out the coupon on my sidebar for $1.00 on GE Energy Smart GFL’s and Energy Efficient Soft White Bulbs at Walmart! To check out more lighting makeovers, be sure to follow the #GELighting hashtag on Twitter.

 Which room in your home could benefit from a #GELighting makeover?

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