Getting Inspired with the Omron Fitness Challenge #iheartomron #mamavation

Omron Fitness Challenge - Before Photos #iheartomron #mamavation

Getting Inspired with the Omron Fitness Challenge

There it is. It’s all out there this week with my #iheartomron fitness challenge before photos. I decided to share them because I wanted accountability. And I wanted to be able to show everyone what a difference 30 days can make. Anyone can do anything for 30 days. If you remember, I was chosen as one of 25 Omron Fitness Challenge ambassadors. And since the moment I applied, I have had a new focus.

I have been inspired. And over the next 30 days, I hope to inspire a few of my readers. In fact, over the past few weeks (before the challenge even officially started) as I waited to see if I was chosen, I got my focus on. I went back to what I knew I had to do from my previous weight loss experiences. I got active and I have been tracking what I eat.

Those two things are key for me to getting back in shape. Are they working? Well, in the stretch of weeks between my application and today, I have lost 10 pounds!

So, yes I would say it’s working. I think I have found the inspiration I needed to kickstart things. And if I didn’t already have enough inspiration, this little video from Bob Greene (Yes, Bob Greene!) put a huge smile on my face!

Find Your Inspiration

If I could give one piece of advice from my weight loss journey, it would be to find your inspiration. My current inspiration is W. Yes, my health is very important to me but I will admit that it wasn’t quite enough since I spent the past year and a half eating away my grief. But as W gets more and more active, I want to be right there next to him.

Omron Fitness has also been a huge motivator to get me started this year. Sometimes a little challenge is all I need to get me started. So bring it on!

When I lost weight about ten years ago, my inspiration was my mom. We both realized what we were doing to ourselves and to our health. We knew we were shortening our lives and neither of us wanted that. It was enough to motivate us through one of the biggest challenges of our lives. And it was worth every minute.

So, I challenge you to find your inspiration. And stay positive. Focus on the positive. Don’t focus on the little numbers on the scale. Think about your goal weight and focus on all of the healthy food options you have available. Cheer yourself on for the smallest additions of activity to your life.

Celebrate you!

What inspires you to take on challenges in your life?

Formula Mom Disclosure: This post is sponsored Omron Fitness as a collaboration with Bookieboo Blogging Network and Mamavation – a community dedicated to weight loss for women and obesity prevention for families.  I was provided with product and compensation for my time and honest opinions.