Getting Ready to Wreck-It Ralph! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Wreck-It Ralph Characters #DisneyMoviesEvent

Getting Ready to Wreck-It Ralph!

In two short days I will be headed to Hollywood for the #DisneyMoviesEvent! I’m thrilled because I will be screening Wreck-It Ralph instead of waiting until November 2nd. I will be sure to let you know how it is but I’m already excited! Classic video game characters come to life? J is definitely jealous!

I will admit that I’m more excited about it then I thought I would be. I saw a trailer a few weeks ago and knew it was a movie I had to see. I wish W would be old enough to go along but not quite yet! I think it will be a movie that J and W will enjoy together one day!

While you wait for November 2nd to roll around, you can enter the play and win sweepstakes on Facebook! You can play to collect coins, complete missions, and have the chance to win a hero’s journey from Disney Adventures!

You can also check out the Official Wreck-It Website, connect on Facebook, and follow on Twitter. Get ready to wreck it!

Who is your favorite character in Wreck-It Ralph?