Gigi Hill Will Be Seen in the City Next Month #noisegirls

Gigi Hill Bags

Gigi Hill Bags Hit the Big City

Next month I will be headed to one of the largest blogging conferences around. I will be hitting the streets of New York City with some other amazing bloggers. One thing I knew I would need for the trip was a good bag. I need a bag that will work well for my flights to and from the Big Apple. I also need a bag that can hold all of my things while I’m there. Gigi Hill Bags are perfect. Plus they are also extremely stylish!

Gigi Hill was started when two moms met on the soccer field. They needed a better bag and after a lot of talking and researching their idea was born. Gigi Hill’s mission is to design stylish and functional bags! They wanted a collection of bags that were a perfect mesh of function and fashion.

Gigi Hill Bags Combine Fashion and Function

Combining Fashion with Function

I will be taking the gorgeous Gigi Hill Helen bag with me to New York next month. The bag is available in 5 different fabric and color combinations. I received the Helen in Sundust cotton canvas on the outside which includes a great golden-yellow color. I love how the color pops!

The first thing I noticed about the bag is how roomy it is! I’m pretty sure W could crawl right inside and head out-of-town with me! That might be a little rough on my shoulder because he does weight 35 pounds but the bag is so big inside! While I love a spacious bag there is one thing that all of my bags must have… pockets!

Gigi Hill Bags Have Pockets!

Spacious Outer Pocket

The Helen bag from Gigi Hill features a zipper pocket on the front of the bag. It is a good-sized and works great for cell phones and car keys. This type of pocket is definitely a feature I appreciate and look for in a bag. I like having my phone and keys separate from all of the other things I might be carrying with me. When I’m traveling I like to keep my wallet in a zipper pocket as well.

Gigi Hill Interior Pockets

Multiple Interior Pockets

There are multiple interior pockets in the Helen bag. On one side there is a second zippered pocket which works great for smaller items. I like to carry Splenda packets with me for my iced tea. This pocket is great for storing them and other items like nail files and pacifiers. I’m a mom so those are the kinds of things I have with me most of the time!

Gigi Hill Audrey bag

The other side of the interior features a set of clear pockets so you can see everything that is inside. I love this idea and haven’t seen it often. It definitely makes the multiple pockets that much more practical! Gigi Hill definitely meshes function with fashion. The Helen is a great looking bag that is also very easy to use no matter where I’m going!

Gigi Hill Audrey Bag Fashion and Function

Helen Bag from Gigi Hill Helps Mom Carry the World in Style

Sometimes when I’m getting packed to go out with W, I feel like I should just attach the house to the back of the car. Then we would be better prepared. No wonder so many moms drive mini vans. It’s the only way they can leave the house and feel prepared!

My Gigi Hill bag has come to the rescue though! Although I haven’t used it for my NYC trip, I have used it a few times this summer. It works great on day trips instead of a diaper bag. It also works great on overnight trips. I am able to pack all of my things and all of W’s things (minus some toys for entertainment) in one bag!

Now that is the true test and a sign of a great bag!

Even better is the fact that I can carry a bag full of toddler gear all day long without my shoulders bothering me. The straps on the bag are extremely comfortable. I will admit that I love bags of all types (purses, backpacks, luggage) and own quite a few. This bag from Gigi Hill has quickly become one of my favorites!

Add More Fashion and Function to Your Life

You can learn more about all of the bags offered on the Gigi Hill website. You can also learn more by connecting with Gigi Hill Bags on Facebook and on Twitter @gigihill.

How would a Gigi Hill bag help you? More organized? More stylish?

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