Glidden Paint Adds a Pop of Color to the Bathroom (DIY Review) #noisegirls

Let me start by making a few confessions.

I love DIY home decorating. HGTV is one of my loves.

It started many years ago when I developed an addiction to Trading Spaces. My mom and I would talk about when we had a house of our own where we could do all of the DIY projects we wanted to do.

Since then we have worked together to redecorate two different homes and now we’ve started on our newest house. While there were a lot of things that we could live with, there were some rooms we really wanted to change. W’s room has finally gotten a coat of gray paint to cover up the pink walls! The cowboy wallpaper border in my mom’s bedroom has finally been taken down.

There was a paint line in my master bathroom that had to go. Clearly the previous owner’s threw up a quick paint job before they put the house up for sale. The bathroom was (and part still is) pale blue. When we got the house, most of it was chocolate-brown (with some blue peeking through). There was paint on the ceiling and the color just wasn’t my favorite.

Making over the Master Bathroom with Glidden Paint

The bathroom was nice enough but one thing I love about bathrooms is that they are the perfect place to add some color. I have done bathrooms in bright green, ocean blue, and most recently in robin’s egg blue. You can see how I went bold in our powder room!

Glidden livens up the bathroom!

While I appreciate the fact that they tried to put something on the wall. I knew I would have to redo our master bathroom and I knew I wanted color.

I have so many plans for the bathroom. I am going to take the hardware off the cabinets and spray paint them black. I want to find a new shower curtain too. I’m also going to redo the floor on my own too. We plan to get peel and stick tiles for the flooring. Carpet in the bathroom is not amazing.

Prepping the bathroom for Glidden Paint

First things first… we had to paint. So my mom and I spent some time prepping the bathroom. To avoid having multiple paint lines (blue, brown, and the new color) we cut in with white paint. Then we taped off and spackled the holes. It’s weird not to have mirrors in the bathroom.

Glidden Smoky Mauve Paint in Eggshell finish

Meet the Star of the Bathroom: Glidden Paint in Smoky Mauve

I was so excited to try my new paint courtesy of Glidden. I had actually chosen the color, Smoky Mauve, off of their website. It was the first time I have ever done that. Usually I go into the store and study all of the paint samples.

I was feeling like I wanted something purple for the bathroom. Our last bedroom and bathroom was a brown and blue theme. I wanted a touch of something more feminine in our new house. Of course, it couldn’t be too feminine. I’m hoping to find a great balance with maybe a purple and mocha combination.

So, I headed to the Glidden Color Palette to check out the available. In the neutrals, I discovered smoky mauve. It really seemed neutral enough but had a hit of purple to it. So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I normally use a satin finish paint in the bathrooms so I was interested to see how the eggshell finish worked.

Bathroom makeover with Glidden Paint

It’s time for another confession.

There have been a few hiccups along the way so I have not gotten as far along as I thought I would. Painting during nap time is very limiting! We have also had some taping problems. One of the things I got used to when I was painting was doing it on brand new walls. my old homes were brand new. My new home is over 40 years old! It’s not exactly the same.

I have gotten the taping issue under control and there is some paint on the walls. There is still a ton of work to do though.

The good news?

I love the Glidden Smoky Mauve color! It’s absolutely perfect!

When I was painting it actually looked very similar to the brown color that was on the walls. As it dried, the color came through and I fell in love!

Smoky Mauve paint from Glidden

I am getting amazing coverage with the Glidden paint. The photo above shows the difference in color once the Smoky Mauve paint dried. It also shows the great coverage I got just using a paintbrush. I am a roller type of girl but the wall is skinny so I stuck with a brush. The paint will be fine with just one coat. Love that!

So, the master bathroom is still a work in progress which means I will be updating you again soon! I’m looking forward to spending a few more nap times painting with my Glidden paint because it’s proving to be easy to work with. Trust me, I have used a number of different paint brands in the past and not all are created equally! Some definitely give better coverage than others.

Glidden Paint provides great coverage and makes DIY easier!

To learn more about Glidden and all of the amazing colors they have to offer at The Glidden Color Palette tool gives you the opportunity to view available colors and coordinating colors. You can put them on the walls of the example room and calculate how much paint you will need all in one place!

You can also connect with Glidden on Facebook and Twitter @glidden_paint!

Around the House Giveaway Event

As part of the Noise Girls Around the House Giveaway Event, you will have the chance to win a prize package designed For the Master Bathroom that includes 3 quarts of Glidden Smoky Mauve paint! The Noise Girls send out a huge thank you to Glidden for sponsoring the event and helping one lucky winner redo their own bathroom!

Which room in your home could use a little pop with Glidden Paint?

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