Glitter Spiderweb Halloween Craft

Glitter Spiderweb Halloween Craft

Glitter Spiderweb Halloween Craft

Are you looking for a fun Halloween project that doesn’t take much time or many materials? Are you looking for a craft that is great for kids of all ages? Then you have to try this easy Glitter Spiderweb Halloween Craft!

Squeezing the glue bottle helps younger children develop muscle strength and coordination. Then older kids or parents can help with the rest of the craft. For older kids, it’s a great way to get really creative in web design… get it?

Glitter Spiderweb Halloween Craft Supplies

Glitter Spiderweb Supplies

  • Canvas or a piece of sturdy cardboard
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Glitter
  • Zots (actually a dab of hot glue is recommended)
  • A plastic spider (or a few)

Easy Glitter Spiderweb Craft

Start by demonstrating what to do with the glue. Glue a big triangle in the corner and let your child fill it in. Let your child do as much as they want, help when needed, and when they’re done you’ll have an adorable spiderweb no matter what it looks like!
The gluing doesn’t make too much of a mess, but be sure to roll up long sleeves so they don’t drag in the glue!
Halloween Glitter Spiderweb Craft
From here on, Mom or Dad should take over for younger children. Oh, and be sure to sprinkle your glitter over the sink or trash can to make clean up easier! Apply liberally and give a few shakes to spread it evenly and then dump off the excess.
It is really better for Mom or Dad to do the glitter when little ones are crafting. Not only is glitter messy and hard to clean up, but it is dangerous for little ones to ingest or inhale.
Glitter Spiderweb Halloween Craft for All Ages
After the glue has dried, choose a spot for your spider and add a little dab of hot glue to their tummies. Then stick them any place on the canvas! (I originally tried Zots (glue dots) but within a few hours the spider fell off. So don’t do that! I learned my lesson!)
Easy Glitter Spiderweb Halloween Craft
Elodie was amazed by the art work that she helped to create. Admiring is an important part of the process!
Elodie was eager to show off all her hard work. We found a fun spot in the corner of the bookshelf to display the web. If you use cardboard, then you could cut off the excess cardboard, and attach the web in a corner to make it look like a real spider web!

Tell me about your favorite Halloween craft to do with your family!

About the guest contributor: Kari is Mommy to Elodie, a blogger and former preschool teacher. When she’s not blogging or making crafts with Elodie, she enjoys a nice cup of tea, event planning, and going on adventures with her fun toddler daughter all around San Diego!