Good Call Bluetooth Handset Does Double Duty! (Review) #Cbias #GoodCall

iPhone is king around our house.

Although I don’t use one, J has for a few years and doesn’t know what he would do without it! I will admit that it has come in handy on many occasions when we needed directions or I was bored at a baseball game. Yes, J’s iPhone is definitely popular in our home.

We don’t have a landline so all of our phone calls come to our cell phones. So when we got the opportunity to be one of the first to try out the Good Call Bluetooth Handset for iPhone, I was excited!

Good Call Bluetooth Handset for iPhone

The Good Call iG1 is a bluetooth handset that makes your iPhone resemble a landline! I have watched J try to have longer conversations on his iPhone and it doesn’t seem very comfortable! He switches ears a lot and holding it between his ear and shoulder just looks like torture! The Good Call system takes care of this problem for him!

Good Call iG1

The Good Call Bluetooth Handset was extremely easy to set up. There are three parts to the system. It comes with the Good Call docking station, the handset, and a USB cord to connect the docking station to an outlet or your computer. One of my favorite features of the system is that it comes with an adapter so it can be plugged into an outlet via the USB cord! It doesn’t have to be plugged into the computer which makes it easier to place around the house!

Good Call comes with an adapter for the USB cable! Love it!

I love this adapter because I can plug it into an outlet and locate the dock in any room. It doesn’t have to sit next to our computers! I can also use it to plug in other devices that I need to charge! This is a definite perk for me!

J’s favorite feature (besides the convenience of using a handset instead of his phone during conversation) is that the iPhone can be placed in the dock to charge without removing the case! We have a clock radio where we can dock the iPhone and use it as speakers or an alarm instead of the radio. It never gets used because we have to take the iPhone out of the case to place it in the dock. Not with the Good Call iG1!

iPhone can charge in the Good Call dock without taking off the cover!

The Good Call system was extremely easy to set up. Once the docking station was plugged in, we docked the handset and J’s iPhone. Then I slid the on/off switch on the handset to on and held down the call button for three seconds until we heard a startup chime. Then I went to the settings screen on the iPhone to turn on Bluetooth.

Good Call Bluetooth Handset

Selecting GoodCall iG1 was all I had to do and the two devices were connected! That’s how simple it was to get the system working. Of course, then we had to test it out and amuse ourselves by calling each other! It was late and we didn’t want to wait for someone to call to see if it worked. Good thing we have multiple cell phones!

Receiving calls using the Good Call Bluetooth Handset

Good Call iG1

I liked that when a call came in, J has the option to choose how he wants to answer. He simply picked up the handset and we were chatting away! It was that easy but if he wanted to talk on speakerphone, that was easy to select as well! The handset rings when the phone does so you don’t have to have your phone nearby. If J needs to go upstairs to do something and his phone is downstairs charging, he can take the handset upstairs with him!

Making calls with the Good Call iG1

If you’re wondering how to make a call with the system, you don’t have to use the iPhone! Using Siri technology, all you have to do is press the call button and tell the phone who to call. J hasn’t used Siri before so it was great to discover! I was impressed that the handset really does replace the need to have the iPhone around when placing and receiving telephone calls. It just adds another dynamic to the iPhone!

Chatting on the Good Call iG1 Bluetooth Handset

The Good Call Handset offers many more exciting features including:

  • You can sync your iPhone with iTunes
  • You can text or tweet on your iPhone while chatting on the handset
  • Reduces cell phone radiation exposure
  • Your iPhone does not have to be docked to use the Good Call handset

The Good Call iG1 does more than double duty! It makes your iPhone even more powerful while making you more comfortable!

You can learn more about the Good Call Bluetooth Headset at You will be able to purchase your own Good Call iG1 for $80 beginning on Tuesday, June 19th!

You can learn more about this great new product by visiting:

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