Grab Summer Fun Playdate with Nestle & Tombstone! #GrabSummerFun #Cbias

Last week I shared that I was planning a #GrabSummerFun playdate with some of my friends to celebrate summer! If you’re looking for some easy and affordable ways to keep toddlers entertained and feed them, I’m thrilled to tell you how well our day went!

It all started out with the last-minute preparations while trying to keep W out of everything. I had cleaned the night before so I just had a few organizational things to do. Remember when I got crafty last week and started coloring pasta for the kids? Well, I had to admit that I think it all turned out very well!

Pasta colored with food coloring makes a great sensory activity for toddlers! #GrabSummerFun

I just picked out a few things from the kitchen to add to the shoebox tupperware I had lying around the garage! At the ned of the party, I dumped all of the pasta into one box and put the lid on. W has rainbow pasta to play with now that he’s the only one around to play!

My son and I were excited to have his friends over to party with Tombstone and Nestle!

In addition to the Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream I got for the playdate, I also picked up some supplies to make punch. I was thrilled to find clear fruit punch because I had visions of red juice all over the kids clothes and toys like some sort of baby horror flick!

Clear fruit punch means less mess! #GrabSummerFun

Of course, I couldn’t forget one of the most important parts of the party…

#GrabSummerFun with Tombstone Pizza

The food! I had to wrestle the Tombstone pizza away from W. Apparently he likes them frozen! When we were shopping he chewed a hole right through the wrapper of one and took a bite of the crust. I figured that if he liked them frozen then he would love it cooked. Moms are always right… right?

Celebrating summer with friends! #GrabSummerFun

W was extremely excited when his friends started arriving at his house! He was more than willing to show off his new playhouse. We didn’t have it the last time friends came over. It was a huge hit! If you’re looking for something that keeps the little ones busy without too much mess, I definitely suggest a cardboard playhouse!

#GrabSummerFun playdate

The kids had to stop to refuel after playing for a while. Yes, W’s bowl was empty but only because he put all of his chips in the bowl of the girl next to him. Then he continued to eat out of her bowl. I’m not sure if that’s a sign of a future gentleman or something else. Oh, and after he put his chips in her bowl, he took the other little boy’s chips and put them in her bowl too! Sharing is caring, right?

Keep little ones busy this summer! #GrabSummerFun

After the snack break, it was pasta time! If you do this activity, I recommend that you lay down a blanket or large towel for the kids to play on. W’s favorite activity was scooping the pasta and dumping it out on the floor. The towel they were playing on helped minimize the damage just a bit until he decided to pour an entire box over his head. It was raining noodles! Thank goodness they were dry!

If you’re wondering about little ones eating the dried pasta, I will tell you that it definitely happened. The younger ones each tried a noodle or two before realizing that dried pasta isn’t very tasty!

Eating Tombstone Pizza for lunch!

Lunch time featured the pizzas we bought during our #GrabSummerFun shopping trip. All of the kids except for one were more than happy to sit down and enjoy a slice of pizza. Which one wasn’t so happy about the idea?

Summer FUN! We're having FUN! Right?

Yes, that would be my son! He wanted nothing to do with sitting down to eat pizza. I think he was a bit wound up and sitting down was the last thing on his mind. He did put his pouty face to good use while everyone else enjoyed lunch! Apparently enjoying frozen pizza does not equate to enjoying the pizza after it has been in the oven!

W was only against eating pizza at the party because when the Nestle Drumstick box came out, he was all about getting involved in the action! The Nestle Ice Cream was a fabulous addition to the get together! The smaller sized cones were perfect for the kids and they each enjoyed one!

Enjoying Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream!

In the end, eight of the Lil’ Drums were eaten because the moms (myself included) enjoyed them too! Moms deserve a treat for all they do! There were only 4 left which was just enough for my family to enjoy later!

Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream #GrabSummerFun

The playdate was a huge success and the kids all went home and took long naps! I hope my mommy friends enjoyed the peace! It was a fabulous day with great friends and lots of fun! I will definitely be planning another summer playdate! Although we spent the day indoors, everyone played and had a good time.

Maybe next time we will take the play outdoors and break out the sprinklers and kiddie pool! Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Ice Cream are great for outdoor parties as well! It’s a great, affordable way to feed all of your guests!

To learn more about how you can #GrabSummerFun, visit the Walmart Nestle Site for great meal ideas! You can also find Drumstick on Facebook and  Tombstone on Facebook to find more great ideas for summer fun!

How will you #GrabSummerFun this year?

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