Taste Testing the Grand Turkey Club from Arby’s #craveability

Arby's Grand Turkey Club #craveabilityArby’s Grand Turkey Club

I love Arby’s. Love it. I remember sneaking Arby’s Junior sandwiches into a movie theater with my sister one afternoon. They definitely topped the stale popcorn the theater was renowned for offering.  J is a huge fan of club sandwiches so when he heard about Arby’s new Grand Turkey Club, he was ready to try it! No hesitation at all.

That’s the man I fell in love with. He has rarely met a sandwich he didn’t like. And he has tried a lot of sandwiches. So, I brought one home for him to test the craveability of the new sandwich. I just wanted a bit of the bun. I’ll admit that I have a thing for warm bread. It’s definitely something I crave!

New Arby's Grand Turkey Club #craveability

Warm Sandwich for Cool Fall Days

We’ve only had a few cool days so far even though it’s almost November. But on chilly autumn days, I love having a warm sandwich and a cup of soup. As soon as we opened the Grand Turkey Club sandwich box, I knew it would be a great sandwich for those crisp fall days. Freshly sliced turkey is served hot with melted Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise all on a Harvest Wheat bun.

I think we were all drooling before J even took a bite! The sandwich just looked juicy and delicious. We were impressed by the size of it as well!

Hot Arby's Grand Turkey Club #craveability

I’m not a huge bacon fan but even I wanted to try a bite of the sandwich. I may be ordering it without bacon next time we go. Does it still count as a club without the bacon? J wasn’t sure when I asked him. But it doesn’t matter much to him because he is a huge bacon fan!

So, while the rest of us enjoyed our food, J was ready to taste test the new Grand Turkey Club from Arby’s!

What did he think?

Finding #craveability with Arby's Grand Turkey Club

Arby’s Grand Turkey Club is Dad Approved

So what was the verdict? J was a huge fan! In fact, he cannot wait to have the sandwich again. And I love that Arby’s is an affordable way to have lunch with the family when we’re out and about. Plus, the Grand Turkey Club is a great grown-up sandwich too. Feels more like a meal than other sandwiches we have picked up at burger places.

When I asked J if he thought the sandwich was something he might find himself craving again, he definitely thought so. In fact, he said he might be craving it next weekend! I think that was hint about where he might like to eat next week. I have a feeling it’s going to become one of those things that just reminds us of fall.

Pumpkin carving, pumpkin roll, hot chocolate, and Arby’s Grand Turkey Club… sounds like a great day to me. I think I’ll be making some plans for the family next weekend.

Tell me about the things you crave when the chilly fall weather comes around!

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