Playtime Goes Green With Green Toys (Review)

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my family is working on living a more green lifestyle one small change at a time. For us, this meant starting to recycle again (we used to do it many years ago), eating a more plant-based diet, and using more natural cleaning products. Although we’re making small changes, every little bit helps! This is why I love Green Toys! They make an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials!

Green Toys make kids and the planet happy!

Eco-friendly toys from Green Toys

Last year, I fell in love with Green Toys when W received the Dump Truck to review. So I was thrilled when we had the opportunity to review the Mini Vehicle Set and the Mini Fastback Set because W loves anything with wheels right now! I was hoping that the vehicles would be a great size for him based on the description on the website. I don’t feel that he’s quite old enough for some of the smaller cars that you can find in stores because he can fit whole cars in his mouth if they are too small! As a mom, that makes me very nervous!

On the move with Green Toys

The Green Toys vehicles turned out to be the perfect size for W. They are recommended for ages 1 and up so he falls right into that range at almost 18 months old. I liked that they were small enough for him to push around and line up like other cars but they weren’t small enough for him to stick half a car in his mouth!

The Mini Fastback Set is also great for working on colors because it comes with 4 mini Fastback cars in great primary colors! The red, blue, green, and yellow two-door coupes have no metal axles, are BPA-free, and have no external coatings. They are made from recycled plastic and are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. It makes me feel good to know that I could give my son a toy that he lived that was also gentle on our environment!

Fun with Green Toys Mini Vehicle Set and Green Toys Mini Fastbacks!

The Mini Vehicle Set compliments the Mini Vehicle Set perfectly by providing a white ambulance, blue police car, and a yellow taxi to go along with the red fastback car. Once again, I loved the primary colors that Green Toys used with both sets of vehicles. As a teacher, I’m always trying to teach W little things like colors and numbers while we play.

The cars and trucks all roll very smoothly across a variety of surfaces and W loves pushing them around while making his car “vrooooooom” sound. I was pleased to see how well they roll because they are made completely with plastic. They have also held up well to his teething. They don’t show any wear even after he’s been gnawing and drooling on them all day long!

I just purchased a new rug that features city streets for W to drive his cars on and I cannot wait to finish his room makeover so he can use his new Green Toys vehicles on the roads! They are the perfect size for his hands and for the rug. We will be painting his room this weekend and I will be sure to update with a finished picture when we are done!

If you’re looking for children’s toys that are safe for your kids and for the environment, I would definitely recommend a visit to the Green Toys website. You can also find Green Toys on Facebook and on Twitter @greentoysinc! They offer a great line of children’s toys that includes environmentally safe items for boys and girls of all ages!

Who in your family would love the vehicles from Green Toys?

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