Growing Up Munchkin (Review)

Baby to Toddler with Munchkin

7 months old

Growing Up Munchkin

Motherhood is like a giant fun house full of mirrors. The moment I get my bearings and figure out what’s going on, I turn around and things look completely different. A routine we finally figured out will suddenly stop working for no apparent reason the very next day. Raising a child is definitely a growing process for my entire family! There are a few brands that we have depended on over the past 20 months and Munchkin is one you can find in our cabinets.

W is definitely growing up Munchkin which is why I am honored to have the opportunity to be a Munchkin Brand Ambassador for the next few months.

From Baby to Toddler with Munchkin Sippy Cups

18 months old

Munchkin Around My House

We have been using Munchkin products since W was just a few months old. Our kitchen and bathrooms could be in advertisements for Munchkin. Well, except for the fact that my cabinets and counter tops don’t look as crisp and clean as the ones I see in ads! Nope, my house looks a bit more lived in than any commercial set! Go figure!

But really if you look in our cabinets you will find cups, bowls, and spoons from Munchkin. Upstairs in the bathroom are all of W’s Munchkin bath toys. Well, a few of them have made their way downstairs and make great toys out of the water too! If you don’t believe me, watch out! I’m about to show you the inside of one of my less than organized kitchen cabinets!

Munchkin Bowls in the Cabinet

Okay, maybe the photo wasn’t that terrifying. But those are the Munchkin bowls that we have owned and loved for quite a while now. We use them daily for W’s snacks or for me to enjoy some cereal or ice cream. As a mom, a baby product that can be used by the entire family is a great value!

Oh, did I mention that Munchkin spoons make great drum sticks for sand pail drums? It’s true! Talk about versatility!

Munchkin Sippy Cups

Baby Proof Cups

Yes, Munchkin is one of the brands that has been a staple in our house from the beginning. There are just a few brands we really know we can count on. I love knowing that in the sea of never-ending baby products, there are brands that have worked well for us. Especially when it comes to sippy cups.

As a mom, I am always on the hunt for products that are affordable and will last for a while. Oh, they also have to work well! They are like buoys in the chaos when I go into a baby store or shop the baby aisles. Munchkin is one of the brands that makes these products and are ultimately saving my family money!

We recently go to try the Munchkin Click Lock™ cups. Since I’m always on a hunt for cups that W can’t throw to make the top pop off or shake and pour out on the floor, these were great for us.

Munchkin Click Lock Cups

Click Lock™ Cups

The Click Lock™ Cups from Munchkin definitely grow with your child. Cups that they use when they are 6, 9, or even 18 months old can be used for the next 12 to 18 months without a problem! There are also designs to meet the needs and preferences of different children. We receive the trainer, sippy, and big kid cup but they are also available in a straw cup and a flip straw design.

The best part about these cups is that I always know when I’ve got the top on correctly and it is closed all of the way. The cup clicks when the lid is on correctly! I don’t know how many times I’ve handed a cup to W only to realize I put the lid on crooked. I usually realize it as he pours his drink down his chest. Oh, and he’s usually wearing a fresh, clean shirt when this happens!

Click & Lock Cups from Munchkin

As you put the lid on the cup, you can hear and feel the click that lets you know the lid is on properly. It means a guaranteed leak-proof seal! So far so good! W likes to drop his cup and move on when he’s done drinking. He will drop it if he’s sitting on the floor playing or sitting at the table eating.

It’s good to have a cup that I know is closed and sealed. Keeps the clean up down which is always nice when I just want to go sit down and relax. Yes, I said sit down and relax. It happens sometimes. Maybe not often but sometimes. If I’m not cleaning up juice from the floor, it could happen more often!

Growing Up Munchkin with Feeding

From Baby to Toddler with Munchkin

W has been using Munchkin cups since he as about 6 months old and continues to use them at almost 20 months old. The new Click Lock™ cups have been working great for us. I love knowing that we are able to use them for longer than a few months. W still likes cups he used when he was 6 months old. So even as he grows, the older cups are still useful.

I’ve found our Munchkin products to be durable and practical. They are priced competitively as well. This means my family is getting value from the money we spend. I think that is something many moms I know are looking for these days. That’s why I feel confident in recommending these products to my mommy friends both online and offline. A true sign of something I believe in!

Bottom line. I’m proud to be a Munchkin Brand Ambassador because it’s a brand we use and will continue to use. Check out the Click Lock™ feature and let me know what you think! They can handle W so I think they can stand up to a lot!

You can learn more at the Munchkin Canada website and Munchkin Canada Facebook page

Do you use any Munchkin brand products with your children?

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