Hair Takes Flight with Picasso Hair Feathers (Review)

I work at an elementary school and hair feathers are the current rage! The girls have them and I have even spotted a few teachers sporting some very subtle ones. I know it’s a busy business at the mall and one salon I sometimes go to charges $6-8 per feather and they have girls lined up to get them done. I knew there had to be a more affordable alternative to the mall salon on the weekend. That’s how I discovered Picasso Hair Feathers!

Picasso Hair Feathers

Picasso Hair Feathers is a premium-line of Cruelty-Free Feather Hair Extensions. The feathers are kink-free, guaranteed 14″ long, the application is quick and easy, and they are affordable! They are available in a variety of colors and come in packages of 5, 12, and 25! I had the opportunity to try the Picasso Hair Feathers in Twilight. The Twilight pack includes beautiful blue and purple hair feathers.

Picasso Hair Feathers  - Twilight

The hair feathers arrived well-packaged and without any kinks, just as promised! The hair feathers are also heat-resistant so you can use them with any type of hair and any hair style! They are also extremely easy to apply. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Section your hair
  2. Select a strand of hair
  3. Thread hair through loop on feather
  4. Pull threading loop
  5. Remove plastic loop
  6. Squeeze ring flat

If you’ve never applied a hair feather, Picasso Hair Feathers has a great video to help you!

Picasso Hair Feathers are easy to apply and affordable!

The 5-packs of Picasso Hair Feathers are $19.95 and come in a rainbow of color choices so there is something to please everyone! I had trouble choosing just one and my favorites include Breaking Dawn (same colors as the Twilight pack I received) and Puppy Love! If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the hair feathers available in the salons, Picasso Hair Feathers are just $4 each and shipping is free! You can save even more with a 12 or 24-pack! These would make great party favors for that girl in your life who loves hair feathers!

You can learn more about Picasso Hair Feathers by visiting, visiting them on Facebook, and following on Twitter @picassofeathers!

Good Buy?

If you know a girl who loves this fad, I would say that Picasso Hair Feathers are a great deal! If you buy the 5-pack you are getting each hair feather for $4. You save even more money with the larger packs! you can get the 25-pack for less than $60 which makes each hair feather less than $2.50! Shipping is free to the US and Canada! Picasso Hair Feathers are a Formula Mom Great Buy!

I am excited to have Picasso Hair Feathers joining the Spring Fashionista event here at Formula Mom! The event begins on March 2nd and you will have the opportunity to win a Baby Fashionista prize pack with a little something for mom thrown in — Picasso Hair Feathers! One lucky winner will win a 5-pack of their choice courtesy of Picasso Hair Feathers so be sure to come back and enter to win!

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