Hallmark BlogOut: Recordable Storybook Review

We are definitely a technology family. At any given time it seems that at least one of us is on a computer or a smartphone. I have even been known to have a tablet and a my iPod touch both sitting on my nightstand! I do my best to limit my time on the computer or other devices to when W is napping because I cherish the time I have to spend with him when I’m at home.

During the holiday season, it’s easy to remember how important it is to take time to be with the people you love. But it’s important to do this throughout the year and Hallmark recognizes how important these moments are in our lives. As part of its Life is a Special Occasion campaign, Hallmark has launched BlogOut — a challenge to turn off technology and turn up the relationships with those around you. I think this is an important message for everyone, not just bloggers, and Hallmark provides some wonderful products to help you sit down and steal a few quality moments.

The  Hallmark Interactive Story Buddy and Story Book is a great way to spend time with young readers. The books encourage clear pronunciation and when a child clearly reads key phrases from the book, the Story Buddy responds! We have the Jingle Story Buddy and books that we read with W each Christmas as part of our Christmas Eve traditions. W is a huge fan of Jingle and loves to carry him around. The Hallmark Recordable Storybooks are also wonderful for story time. They allow you to record your voice and your little ones can read along with you even if you’re far away. You and your child can also record the storybook together. It’s a great to help encourage your little one to practice reading aloud!

Hallmark Recordable StorybookWe had the opportunity try the Curious You On Your Way! recordable storybook from Hallmark. I loved that we had the opportunity to try this book because we often call W our little Curious George and our little monkey. It was perfect for us! I had been wanting to try a recordable storybook because I think it is invaluable to have your voice recorded for the future or for when you’re away. I know that I wish I had more recordings of my sister’s voice so I could hear it from time to time. I like that W will have this book with my voice telling him the story. I would like to get one for each member of the family for him to have on his bookshelf.

A Hallmark Recordable Storybook is a great way to spend quality time with your family!

Reading the Hallmark Recordable Storybook together was just part of our BlogOut day together. We also went out and picked up lunch for W and I to share. I love the holiday season because I have time of before and after Christmas. I enjoy having that time with my son and I will be counting down the days when I get to spend more time during the day with him in the Spring.

If you’re looking a way to take some time out and do something with your little ones, consider one of the wonderful products offered by Hallmark and get connected again — in a technology-free way!

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