Kids Connect with Hallmark Text Bands (Review) #ngfamily

Hallmark Text Bands

Hallmark Text Bands

I’m pretty sure if I gave W a phone, he’d be texting me already. MAMA DUICE. Which is W speak for Mom, may I please have some more juice?

Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t happen quite yet. But he knows how to work some of our other technology pretty well. I can only imagine how young he’ll be when he starts asking for a cell phone. Everyone wants to text, even those kids who might not be ready to have a phone yet. Luckily there are now Hallmark Text Bands!

The bands are a great way for kids without phones to still experience texting with their friends. They’re also pretty stylish and could be a blast to collect!

Bump & Share with Hallmark Text Bands

Bump Fists

I first learned about Hallmark’s new Text Bands when I was in NYC at BlogHer. I had the opportunity to spend a lovely morning experiencing some of the great new products Hallmark has coming. As an elementary school teacher, I immediately spotted the Text Bands. I can see them being extremely popular with the girls in my school.

They are a fun way to get the experience of texting. It’s easy to type in a message on your band. Although you’re limited to 10 characters so it’s best to stick to one word. Then all you have to do is bump fists or shakes hands to pass the message on! You can even high five to send your message to the other band. So simple and so fun!

Hallmark Text Bands Connect in Style

Connect in Style

One of my favorite things about the Text Bands (besides the fact that they come with batteries hooray!) is that there are a variety of stylish bands to choose from. Each starter pack is $14.99 at your Hallmark Gold Crown Store. Then additional bands can be purchased for $4.99 each.

Interchangeable bands remind me of exactly the type of thing I would have been into when I was in elementary and middle school. Hallmark offers a wide variety of designs from Pink Glitterati and Camo Breeze to Star Wars and Minnie Mouse! So kids can have fun connecting with friends while showing off their style!

As a teacher, I think these could also be a fun way to practice spelling words! The possibilities go beyond having fun with friends to make learning fun too!

Who in your life would love to connect with Text Bands from Hallmark?

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