Halloween Painted Pumpkins

Halloween Painted Pumpkins

Halloween Painted Pumpkins

Every year we do the same old thing with our pumpkins. Cut them open, stick our hands in and gut them, then cut out a design. And for a kid, the only fun thing about the process is the de-gutting. So this year we thought we’d get a bit creative and make more with our pumpkins by making Halloween Painted Pumpkins.

Since we were hosting a Halloween Princess party for my daughter’s friends and had already purchased a fairytale pumpkin we were turning into a carriage, I decided that we were going to paint a castle to go along with Cinderella’s carriage.

Instead of having the kids paint the actual castle, I thought it was easier to place a picture of a castle on the pumpkin and have them paint around it. When the picture is removed, we’re left with the castle outline and two very excited kids!

Want to see how easy it is?

Here’s how!

Make Your Own Painted Pumpkin

What you need: 

  • pumpkin
  • printed picture of your design
  • scissors
  • tape
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • nail polish remover (or paint thinner) to clean up the design
  • q-tips

What you do: 

1. Cut out the design you want to leave on your pumpkin.

2. Tape your design to the pumpkin making sure that all edges are sticking down.

3. Before the kids start painting, try to get the paper to stick down to the pumpkin by adding some paint on top. This will weigh down the paper and will assure that the paper won’t move as much.

4. Let the kids go at it with multiple colors of paint!

5. Once the pumpkin is completely covered, clean up the kids and come back to remove the paper cut out. Add glitter if you need any sparkle!

6. If you need to do any touch ups, grab the nail polish remover and q-tips and carefully remove any excess paint.

7. Let the paint dry completely (this may take overnight depending on how much paint the kids put on the pumpkin).

8. Set the pumpkin out on your doorstep for everyone to admire. Make sure your little princess knows how awesome she is and what a great paint job she did!

Tell me how you decorate your pumpkins?


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