Halloween Party Food Ideas with Tyson any’tizers #MealsTogether

Halloween Party Food Ideas #MealsTogether #Cbias

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Although W is not quite 2, this is the year I decided to start working on some Halloween traditions. I’m all about wanting to start some traditions for our family. We have some for Thanksgiving and for Christmas, of course. But we didn’t have many started for Halloween. Mainly because last year W wasn’t old enough to do much.

So this year we decorated around the house and took advantage of the fact that many people in our neighborhood get into the Halloween spirit. I decided to whip up some special dinner treats for Halloween night and W had some friends over. (Yes, that just means kids playing while the adults hang out.) I had a blast coming up with some fun Halloween Party food ideas!

Halloween Party Food Ideas with Tyson #MealsTogether #Cbias

Why is J wearing a Brobee hat? Well… W would wear it but he thought it was pretty funny to see his Daddy wearing it. For the love of kids! J wore that thing all around the neighborhood. It was worth seeing W smile and laugh for sure!

Neighborhood Halloween Party Food Ideas #MealsTogether #Cbias

While I spent some time in the kitchen whipping up some easy Halloween food ideas, the kids checked out the Haunted House tent a few houses down. W wanted nothing to do with it when a skeleton popped out of a coffin! Forget the big bin of candy that was in the tent. He went running back towards our house!

Later on that evening, he started to understand a bit about the trick-or-treating process and rang a few doorbells himself. He also tried to take all of the Starburst from one house. Who knew he loved those? But before we headed out to knock on doors, we had to eat!

Halloween Party Food Ideas Any'tizers Ranch Fries #MealsTogether #Cbias

Halloween Party Food Ideas with Tyson any’tizer’s

After scouring Pinterest for ideas, I knew I wanted to make up some pumpkin cupcakes (or are they muffins?) and also mummy dogs. But everyone seems to make mummy dogs and W isn’t a huge fan of hot dogs. He LOVES chicken. So I was inspired by Tyson any’tizer’s Ranch chicken fries! It took a little hunt for me to find them and you can see my entire shopping trip in my any’tizer’s Ranch Fries Halloween #MealsTogether Google+ album!

Halloween Party Food Ideas Tyson any'tizers #MealsTogether #Cbias

Halloween Party Food Ideas: Tyson Chicken Fries Spider Web

After picking up all of our supplies at Walmart, I was ready to get cooking. But I didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. It’s so not my style. I like quick and easy as many of you already know. So the great thing about the Tyson any’tizer’s is that I was able to pop them in the microwave and be ready to go in a few minutes!

I used Honey Mustard to pipe on the rest of the spider web for this Halloween Party food idea! I think it came out pretty well and we all enjoyed eating the Ranch fries! There were no complaints and they were gone within minutes!

Halloween Party Food Ideas: Mummy Dogs #MealsTogether #Cbias

Halloween Party Food Ideas: Mummy Dogs

I did whip up some Mummy Dogs for us as well because the rest of the family (and the boy from down the street) loves hot dogs. I got smart this year and used breadstick dough instead of crescent roll dough. The breadstick dough is already cut in the right shapes! These were so easy to whip up as well. Although they do require the oven and a bit of prep work. Still, I think they are a super fun Halloween food tradition that W will love as he gets older!

Oh, and I had the oven heating anyway because I was making a sweet treat as well. Not that you need a sweet treat on Halloween but… I love simple baking projects! So when I spotted these pumpkin cupcakes on Pinterest, I knew I had to try them!

Halloween Party Food Ideas: Pumpkin Cupcakes #MealsTogether #Cbias

Halloween Party Food Ideas: Pumpkin Cupcakes

My favorite part about the pumpkin cupcakes is that they only need two ingredients! How is that for an easy recipe? All you need is a can of pumpkin and cake mix. I’ve made these with chocolate cake mix before but never with yellow cake mix. The thought never even crossed my mind but once I spotted the idea online, I was sold!

I actually picked up some Halloween Funfetti cake mix to see how they would turn out. I think they ended up looking pretty cute and they were delicious. They disappeared so fast that I barely got to snap photos of them. I did manage to snag one for myself thankfully!

As a huge fan of baking that is easy, I loved that all I had to do was mix the pumpkin and cake mix together and pop them in the oven to bake. I didn’t have to frost them or anything because they are so moist!

Halloween Party Food Ideas Toddler Approved! #MealsTogether #Cbias

All of the food was eaten and we had plenty to go around without anyone having to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen! I love that because there are plenty of holidays right around the corner where I will be in the kitchen. Instead, I was able to feed my friends and family and still get out trick-or-treating with my little man. It was definitely a great way to host a little Halloween get together!

You can learn more about the Tyson any’tizers at Walmart by following @TysonFoods and checking out the Tyson Facebook page!

Tell me about your Halloween traditions!

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