Mothers Day Craft: Hanging Bird Feeder Craft

My kids love to be outside. Whether it be taking a walk, playing in the front yard or visiting the local wildlife trails, they are always able to spot the wildlife before me and enjoy pointing out the different birds and animals we have living around us. With Mothers Day right around the corner, I have gifts on my mind and was feeling inspired to make a Mothers Day craft.

For the past few mornings we’ve been awoken by the wonderful sound of a neighborhood woodpecker. Upon discovering his location my son wakes up and asks if we can track him down. On our adventure to see what phone pole the woodpecker was pecking we started talking about birds.

After hearing all the fun and wonderful things birds like to do and eat my son asked if we could make a bird feeder. So while I was at the local pet supply store picking up dog food later that day I grabbed a pound of bird feed and we got to work. It ended up being simpler than any of the crafts we’ve attempted so far

DIY Hanging Bird Feeder Craft for Nature Loving Moms! #mothersday Mothers Day Craft: Hanging Bird Feeder Craft

What you’ll need:

  • bird seed
  • canister or paper roll
  • peanut butter
  • string/twine
  • sharp pointed tool

What you do:

1. Remove paper from canister to expose the cardboard. Remove lid and discard. Using sharp-pointed tool, poke a hole in the bottom of the canister.

2. Cut about a yard of twine and string twine through canister. Tie off at the top.

3. Set out the peanut butter and seeds so that it’s easy for your child to assemble the bird feeder. Grab a plastic knife or spreader for the peanut butter and place the bird seed into a container or on a paper plate.

4. Let your child spread the peanut butter all over the canister sides. Be careful not to get covered in peanut butter by holding onto the inside of the canister on the open top.

5. Once the peanut butter is covering all of the canister, roll the canister into the seed. Place your (or your child’s) hand into the container to apply pressure. This will maximize the amount of seed that adheres to the canister.

6. Hang the bird feeder up on a sturdy hook or post and wait for some feathered friends!

If you have a mother in your life who loves nature and the great outdoors, this is a great Mothers Day craft gift idea. Grambo loves working in the garden and monitoring her bird feeder, so W and I will be working on a little something special inspired by this great idea from my friend Danielle!

What would be a perfect Mothers Day gift for you this year?

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