Holiday Gift Guide: Guylian Chocolates (Review & Giveaway)

Holiday Gift GuideGuylian Chocolates

Gylian Astisanal Belgian ChocolatesGuylian Artisanal Belgium Chocolates are small treasures that are only sold at specialty, artisanal chocolate stores and would make special gifts this holiday season. Each chocolate seashell is marbled with 100% pure, silky smooth milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate and filled with a rich and  creamy chocolate truffle. Guylian Chocolates offers a variety of products including Artisanal Belgian Chocolates, Extra Dark Belgian Chocolates, and No Sugar Added Bars. The Guylian Chocolates are also available in a variety of packaging options (including a holiday season gift box) which makes them great for gift giving!

GuylianWe had the opportunity to try a variety of the Guylian Chocolate products and even my aunt (who likes to remind me that she doesn’t like chocolate) had a few of these rich truffles! We received a selection of the Artisanal Belgian Chocolates in different sizes including the package with 2 truffles which would make a fabulous stocking stuffer! These definitely went over well in our house and I even had some to put out at W’s birthday party! They were a huge hit there as well!

Guylian Chocolates are rich and indulgent and are available with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate!

Now, I will admit that I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate but that didn’t stop me from trying the Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles from Guylian Chocolates. Although these were good, I am still not a dark chocolate fan so I didn’t enjoy them as much as the others! I did appreciate the smooth texture and I’m sure dark chocolate lovers will appreciate these more than I did!

Guylian No Sugar Added Chocolate BarsTo be honest, I was most excited to try the Guylian No Sugar Added Chocolate Bars. We do try to watch our sugar intake around my house although that doesn’t mean that we don’t like to indulge from time to time! That is why it is great to find alternatives that are just a little less indulgent in certain areas but still taste fabulous!

Guylian No Sugar Added Chocolate Bars are made with Malitol. Malitol is an alternative to sugar that is a 100% natural product, derived from natural sources. It has fewer calories than sugar, does not promote tooth decay, and will not raise blood sugar levels.

So now you might be wondering about the taste. I can tell you that I really enjoyed the milk chocolate bar. If the chocolate had been sitting out without any labeling, I would never have known that is was a no sugar added product! I enjoyed it immensely and am glad that Guylian offers this alternative!

Overall, I enjoyed my Guylian experienced and am glad it came around the holiday time which is the time of year when I doubt I am alone in my willingness to splurge a little. If you have a chocolate lover in the family, you might want to give Guylian Artisanal Belgium Chocolates a try!

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You can purchase Guylian Chocolates by locating a retailer near you using the Guylian store locator. I found out that I might be able to find them at my local Walmart!

You can learn even more about Guylian by visiting Guylian Chocolates on Facebook or following on Twitter @Guylian_Chocs.

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