Holiday Gift Guide: Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2 (Review & Giveaway)

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Kid Basix The Safe SippyI am now living in the land of the sippy cups and it sure is an adventure. There are so many different sippy cups out there and I have quickly learned that not all work for W. I am on the quest for the perfect sippy cup for my little man. As part of my quest, I recently had the opportunity to try the Safe Sippy 2 from Kid Basix.

Kid Basix has an amazing mission statement – Making kids’ lives better. They strive to do this by rethinking the sippy cup and creating the Safe Sippy. The Safe Sippy is a no-spill bottle made from clean, non-leaching stainless steel. For parents who are concerned about the dangers of certain plastics, this is a great alternative. The Kid Basix products are BPA-free and durable! These sippy cups will last!

I never considered the durability of a sippy cup but a few that we have tried started leaking after just a few uses! I’m sure most parents understand the annoyance that comes with a leaky sippy cup! I need a cup that lasts and Kid Basix had something that was perfect for me! The Safe Sippy 2 is great because it is a convertible sippy-to-straw cup made with stainless steel! The stainless steel means it will last for quite awhile and the fact that it can convert to a straw cup means that W can use it as he gets older too!

Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2

Although we haven’t tried the Safe Sippy 2 as a straw cup because W has no clue when it comes to straws, I have enjoyed using it as a sippy cup. I like that it has handles. Although W doesn’t need the handles, I think he is better able to use a sippy cup in the car when it has handles. We’re doing our best to limit bottles to nap time and bed time so anything that helps encourage him to use a sippy cup in different situations is great.

Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2W has enjoyed using the Safe Sippy 2 and I enjoyed putting in through even more testing than he does. I rolled this cup, shook it while holding it upside down, and even carried it around while holding it upside down which is W’s favorite way to carry anything that holds liquid. It passed all of the tests!

I also like that the Safe Sippy 2 comes with a variety of adapters. It comes with the adapter that makes it work like a regular sippy cup but then you also have the straw adapter for when your child gets older and doesn’t want to use the sippy cup anymore. Just a quick change and you have a straw cup! The Safe Sippy 2 also comes with a travel adapter to use when you need to stick it in your purse or in the diaper bag. No leaks!

To learn more about the Kid Basix line of products, visit or find Kid Basix on Facebook!

Buy it!

You can purchase your own Safe Sippy 2 on Amazon for as low as $13.45 depending on the color you choose. We have the Safe Sippy 2 in orange although I would love to get red, blue, and green also! Once I find something I like I know how important it is to stock up before you can’t find them anymore. Oh, and the Safe Sippy 2 on Amazon qualifies for SUPER SAVER SHIPPING with a $25 purchase too!

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