Holiday Gift Guide: OnlyLally Decorative Bulletin Board (Etsy Review)

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As many of my readers know, I love Etsy and am in awe of the creative minds behind so many amazing shops on Etsy. I recently learned about OnlyLally on Etsy and I can honestly say I have yet another favorite shop! Part of the joy of working with OnlyLally is that Sharon, the mind behind the great work, is great to work with! She was easy to communicate with and I would be happy to do it again!

OnlyLally offers a variety of decorative bulletin boards which let you take all those loose notes, photos, shopping lists, and to-do lists that are scattered around on a desk and tack them on to one neat and organized location! The fabric and colors are customizable so it can fit the decor of any home or office. These definitely look a lot better than the boring, corkboard with brown frame bulletin board you can buy at the store!

OnlyLally on Etsy offers a variety of decorative bulletin boards to help keep you organized!

I had the opportunity to review the medium-sized decorative bulletin board from OnlyLally. It measures 11 inches by 17 inches and can be hung horizontally or vertically. I had to choose between a persimmon and cream fabric or green and  cream fabric but your bulletin board can be customized with the colors and fabrics of your choice.

OnlyLally Etsy shop

Usually I would have chosen the green because I always find myself buying shades of green but we are working on incorporating reds and blues (similar to a robin’s egg type of blue) in our downstairs so I decided to go with the persimmon and cream because I thought it might work somewhere in our kitchen area.

I am so glad I took a risk and went with something different! The colors are gorgeous and I have to admit that it makes me want to rethink our entire bedroom design (which is blue and brown based on bedding we got for our wedding) and go with more persimmon in my bedroom so I can keep the bulletin board upstairs!

I also like the size of the bulletin board because it’s not so large that it won’t fit anywhere but it’s also big enough to hold a good number of photos and notes. I think it would also make a great photo board for tacking up photos that I get from different people. I always seem to put them down somewhere and can never find them later! I would be great to tack them up and then be able to enjoy them for a while!

If you’re looking for a decorative bulletin board, you should check out the selection available at OnlyLally on Etsy. Sharon offers a variety of sizes and as I mentioned before, you can customize your fabrics! She is so easy to work with that I would recommend her if you’re looking for one of these!

Buy it!

The persimmon and cream medium decorative bulletin board is available at OnlyLally for $28. Shipping within the United States is $8.

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