Finding Great Holiday Outfits with CookiesKids .com #CookiesKids Great Holiday Outfit #CookiesKids

Finding Great Holiday Outfits with CookiesKids .com

So I’m a little jealous. When I’m starting my holiday shopping and I make my way through rack after rack of adorable holiday dresses and outfits for girls. I get a little green with envy. Not exactly the holiday spirit but it’s the truth. W won’t wear a little suit or something else that is adorable on toddlers. He isn’t a fan of buttons right now. He likes his clothes soft and comfy. Thank goodness CookiesKids .com came to the rescue this year and made it easy to find great holiday outfits.

I was getting frustrated with our local stores but still needed a few items that had a holiday feel to them. We have a few parties with family and friends in the coming week. Plus, I didn’t want W wearing orange to the annual neighborhood Christmas parade! It wouldn’t have been right!

Oh, and I also had some special shopping to do for S. She’s the little girl whose family we have been donating to the past few months. I just knew I had to find her something beautiful to wear during the holidays.

Easy Holiday Shopping at Cookie's Kids #CookiesKids

Cookie’s Kids Winter Fashion

The holiday season is short compared to the rest of the year. So while I was looking for some great pieces for all of our holiday gatherings, I was also looking for pieces that would work throughout the year to increase the value of the clothing. Cookie’s Kids did not disappoint at all.

I have to admit that one of my favorite things about shopping online at is the fact that I could easily find the holiday shopping deadlines! With a quick click I knew when I needed to place my order! This has become very important to me as I have done a lot of online shopping this year! Holiday Shopping #CookiesKids

My second favorite feature was the Alva Kids sizing feature! With a quick click I was able to put in some basic information about W’s body type and measurements. Then magically (okay maybe not so much magic) the correct size was recommended. With him still fitting in a few 2T pieces and some 3T pieces being way too big, it was nice to get a little help. Every mom can use a little help now and then, right?

Alva Kids Sizing at Cookie's Kids #CookiesKids

Getting My Holiday Shopping On

I’m pretty sure I could have shopped for hours on CookiesKids .com if W was a fan of letting me have a few hours to myself. Of course, that’s not the case so I was happy to find that the site was so easy to browse. Within minutes I had narrowed it down to a few options for W. And I happened upon a long-sleeved waffle shirt that came in a fabulous shade of green (with small blue stripes). It sounded perfect for W! Holiday Shopping #CookiesKids

After a bit more shopping, I found a few other basic pieces such as a green polo shirt and a red t-shirt that I knew would be good to have on hand when dressing W for the holidays. Oh, and I ordered a fabulous girl’s dress for S. Cheer is here for sure! I couldn’t resist the Bonnie Jean “Cheer is Here” Dress & Coat Set. I fell in love.

As soon as I placed my order, I started counting down the days until its arrival. You can check out more of my shopping in my Holiday Outfits Shopping at CookiesKids .com Google+ album.

Winter Fashion for Holiday Portraits at Cookie's Kids #CookiesKids

Cheer is Here with Holiday Outfits from #CookiesKids

Our clothing arrived and I couldn’t have been happier with the quality. With the prices I paid, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. No one would ever have a clue about the great low prices I paid for the pieces. And because toddlers grow like weeds, it’s great to be able to get high quality clothing at affordable prices!

We broke out W’s new shirt this weekend for the neighborhood holiday parade!

Cookie's Kids Holiday Fashion #CookiesKids

His new green shirt went well with his red wagon. He was in the holiday spirit. And I love how soft his shirt is. It means he won’t be complaining while wearing it. Plus, with khaki pants or even a pair of black pants, it easily takes on a look that is more dressy. I love any piece of clothing that can make the jump from casual to dressy.

Now all we need is some weather that feels more like winter around here.

Holiday Outfit Finds at #CookiesKids

Oh, and one of the best parts is the fact that since the shirt doesn’t have a big photo of a reindeer or Santa, it will be great in January, February, and March (if we get some cooler weather)! So I get more for my money. And it has some room for W to grow too so maybe we’ll even get use out of it next holiday season! It would be great for family photos!

Cookie's Kids Winter Fashion for Holiday Gifts #CookiesKids

S’s new dress and coat set is heading off with a gift basket for her mom today. While they deal with the challenges of health issues and a father who is overseas, I hope that these little gifts bring joy to them this holiday season. I love that Cookie’s Kids had an outfit so perfect for this holiday gift!

You can learn more by connecting with Cookie’s Kids on Facebook and on Twitter @CookiesKids. If you’re in the NYC area, Cookie’s Kids also has 7 stores in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Jamaica areas!

And… from now through December 21st, you can save 10% sitewide at Cookie’s Kids! Just use the code formulamom at checkout! Easy holiday shopping and extra savings! That’s my kind of shopping!

Have you ever shopped at Cookie’s Kids? What do you look for in holiday outfits for your children?

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