iCarly season 4 DVD #ngfamily

iCarly Season 4 DVD

iCarly season 4 DVD

As an elementary school teacher, I know a lot about things that I might not know much about otherwise. iCarly is definitely in that category. W is obviously too young to be too interested. Although he does enjoy pretty much any show with music and singing. Still, the iCarly season 2 DVD is definitely one for a big older age group.

The DVD features 11 episodes of iCarly and 4 5 bonus episodes of How to Rock. For those with iCarly fans in the home, it’s a great way to free up some DVR space (if you have that problem like we do… although ours is heavy on the Pocoyo) and give your young fan a way to catch his or her favorite episodes anytime!

Although the show is written for tweens, I will admit that I have chuckled more than a few times. I also appreciate the general premise because kids are all about using technology to create. They understand that the internet offers more than just games. They understand they can connect with the world. iCarly does a good job of incorporating that into the show.

The season 4 DVD is now available at DVD retailers and Amazon.com.

Do you have an iCarly fan in your family?

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