Stay Cool this Summer with Imperial Toy (Review)

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Summer in Houston is hot and I know that we’re not alone in our long days spent sweating in the sun. If your kids are like W, then you spend a lot of time outside no matter how high the temperature. We have a local pool and have been once already but packing everything up to drive down the street (since it’s a bit too far to walk with all of our gear) is not something I have the energy to do every single day. This is where sprinklers and water tables come in handy for toddlers!

Little Tikes From Imperial Toy

Imperial Toy is a worldwide leader in the area of bubbles and novelty toys. We had the opportunity to review a variety of Imperial Toy products earlier this year and W loved the Bubble Turbine! So I was excited to have the opportunity to try some of the other products available from Imperial Toy that are absolutely perfect for hot summer days! We had the opportunity to review the Little Tikes Bubble Camera from Imperial Toy, the Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler from Imperial Toy, and the Little Tikes Turtle Topple Sprinkler from Imperial Toy.

The Little Tikes Bubble Camera from Imperial Toy is great for kids over 3. Although W isn’t quite old enough, it has been a lot of fun for us to use as I hold the camera and he plays in the bubbles. He also loves the camera without the bubbles and he has actually played with it more indoors than outdoors. As a mother, that is the sign of a great toy! I love that it promotes creative and active play because W is no stranger to cameras!

Imperial Toy Little Tikes Turtle Topple Sprinkler

Our favorite products have definitely been the sprinklers. W loves the local splash pad and with the sprinklers from Imperial Toy we can create a splash zone of our own! The Little Tikes Turtle Topple Sprinkler from Imperial Toy is designed for children aged 2 and up but I found that it worked extremely well with W who is just shy of 18 months. I was able to adjust the flow of water to get just the right amount and he was completely intrigued with the way the turtles moved. He was also able to pick up the sprinkler without getting blasted in the face which is a feature I look for as a mom!

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler from Imperial Toy

The Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler from Imperial Toy has been the biggest hit! It all started when I first set it up and turned on the water on Friday evening. Let me warn you that if you turn the water up high enough you can drench the entire family, even if they are sitting on the other side of the yard! The sprinkler is designed for ages 18 months and up so it is great for the whole family. It shoots water in many different directions and the spray is on the gentle side. Although W isn’t quite big enough to get the ball rolling, it also has the added ability to be pushed around the yard for a little extra fun. W immediately recognized it as a ball and was thrilled! Ball is one of the words he can say and he is addicted to balls of all shapes and sizes!

It did take me a while to blow up the beach ball and as I finished inflating it I realized that I could have used our hand pump and saved myself a lot of time and energy! I would definitely recommend using a hand pump for this one if you plan to inflate and deflate it a lot. One thing I really like about the Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler from Imperial Toy is that it should work for many summers to come because children of all ages can play with it. Even Mommy and Daddy can have fun with this one!

Check out a toddler’s first experience with the Little Tikes Turtle Topple Sprinkler from Imperial Toy!

You can learn more about Imperial Toy by visiting their website at or connecting with them on Facebook!  Imperial Toy products are sold at major retailers nationwide as well as on Amazon.


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