IOGEAR Mobile Power Station Keeps Me Going… and Going (Review) #ngfamily

IOGEAR Mobile Power Station

IOGEAR Mobile Power Station

Earlier this month, J and I headed off to the Big Apple to attend BlogHer ’12. One of our biggest concerns was keeping all of our devices charged. He had his iPhone with him. I had my phone, my camera, and my iPad. Yes, we depend on our technology. Especially when we travel.

I was on the hunt for a portable solution that I could carry in my purse with me. My phone loses its charge fairly quickly when I’m using the camera a lot. I planned on using the camera a lot in New York City! This is the reason that I needed the IOGEAR Mobile Power Station 4400!

IOGEAR Mobile Power Station of phones & tablets

Smartphones and Tablets

J had a similar product he’d purchased a few months ago. It worked well for my phone but not much else. I had an iPad to keep rolling at BlogHer since I didn’t take my laptop. I needed a good way to stay connected since I’m not in love with my phone. I was thrilled because the IOGEAR GearPower Mobile Power Station comes with 5 different adapters.

The battery pack is designed to work USB devices. So I’m able to plug my iPad into it using the cord that came with the iPad. I’m able to charge my Android phone using one of the adapters that came with the IOGEAR charger or the cord that came with the phone. I love the versatility!

The PowerGear pack charged quickly when plugged into J’s desktop computer as well as my laptop. It also charged well when plugged into the wall while we were in NYC! We would charge it overnight so I could carry it with me during the day! My phone never ran out of charge so I was able to snap pics all day and all night long!

Power Up with IOGEAR Mobile Power Station

Stay Charged and Power Up

It’s simple to check the charge in your Mobile Power Station by checking the lighted indicator on the front of the unit. I always knew when I needed to recharge. But I could charge my phone and then my iPad (which was at about 60% charged) before I needed to plug it in again.

The bottom line? the IOGEAR Mobile Power Station was a lifesaver for our trip to NYC! It helped me stay connected and up to date with all of my social media accounts. It will be going on another trip with me next month! I’ll be headed to the West Coast this time and love that I can count on this convenient battery pack!

I was honored to review the Susan G. Komen version of the battery. And from now through the end of August, IOGEAR will donate $3.50 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for each unit that is sold. You can get a great mobile power station for yourself and donate to a great cause at the same time! The IOGEAR Mobile Power Station 4400 is available for $39.95 on their website.

You can learn more on the IOGEAR Facebook page and on Twitter @IOGEAR.

How do you stay charged when traveling?

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