Jakks Pacific Makes the Deck Toddler Friendly (Review) #noisegirls

When we moved into our new house, we suddenly found ourselves with a huge backyard and a large deck. We had some chairs and although our patio table was small, it worked. We didn’t have anything for W! Although he was happy to sit in the big chairs, Jakks Pacific had the perfect solution with the Thomas the Train patio set! It is an affordable and very cute set that is just perfect for W!

Jakks Pacific Thomas the Train Patio Set

I was excited to have a table that was W’s size right as summer rolled in for the next few months. We enjoy sitting outside on the deck and it’s nice to take a snack out in the afternoon. I was excited to have a place for my little man to sit. But first I had to put it together!

Jakks Pacific Thomas the Train Patio Set

One thing about being a parent is that there always seems to be something to put together. Birthing class and breastfeeding class were great, but where was the Assembling Baby and Toddler Gear class?

Lucky for me, the Jakks Pacific patio set was extremely easy to put together! The chairs came assembled and I simply had to unfold them. That’s my kind of assembly!

Jakks Pacific Thomas the Train Patio Set

Set up was seriously so simple. Parts just popped in together. I didn’t need any tools at all! Within in a few minutes, the patio set was ready for action. That is definitely my type of toddler gear! I like things that don’t require batteries or tools! I’m a simple mom sometimes.

Jakks Pacific Thomas the Train Patio Set

The Thomas the Train Patio Set is an adorable addition to our deck area! Although he’s not extremely familiar with Thomas yet, he loves all types of vehicles including trains. He likes to sit and point at the image of Thomas and “talk” to us about it.

We haven’t had much opportunity to use the patio set yet because we’ve had a lot of rain! The patio set has held up well in the rain though which I was happy to see! It’s also a very affordable set as well! I’ve seen it at my local stores for $34.99 and I saw it on Walmart.com for under $30!

Jakks Pacific’s Thomas the Train Patio Set is affordable and easy to assemble!

You can learn more about all of the products available by getting connected with Jakks Pacific on Facebook and on Twitter @jakkstoys!

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Who in your family could use a patio set from Jakks Pacific?

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