January Photo A Day Challenge Kick Off! #7SDDphotoaday

January Photo a Day Challenge #7SDDPhotoaDay

January Photo A Day Challenge Kick Off!

I like challenges. Although I don’t always follow through with all of them. Nevertheless, I like to start new things. So when my friend Staci of 7onashoestring told me about the January Photo a Day challenge she was starting with her husband, I knew I wanted to play along!

So I snagged her list and made a decision to commit. Today is January 1st so it’s time to kick off the January Photo a Day Challenge! Today’s challenge isĀ self portrait.

Yikes! Most of my photos are of W or just random things that I find that I like. But a self portrait? I’ve only done a few of those. I guess that’s why this is a challenge, right? So I said bring it on! And here is what you get…

January Photo A Day Challenge Day #1 #7SDDphotoaday

I had just gotten home from the gym. In 2013 I am getting back into the groove of living an active lifestyle. So I figured a post-gym photo was a good way to start of the year!

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Have you started any new challenges for the new year?

You can follow along with all of my photo a day challenge posts to see how far I make it!