January Photo A Day Challenge Day 9 #7SDDphotoaday

January Photo A Day Challenge Day 9 #7SDDphotoaday #photoaday

January Photo A Day Challenge Day 9

Today’s prompt for the January photo a day challenge was Something White. This one was trickier for me. I had hoped to maybe go outside and find something while W and I went on our walk. But it rained all day yesterday and rained all day today. It’s been a rush to get in out of the downpour or be soaked. So that scratched going outside off the list.

So I turned to the great indoors. I’ve been working to live with an attitude of gratitude. So I’ve been focusing on being thankful for all of the things I have. I immediately thought of my wedding dress. I have such wonderful memories of my wedding day but for some reason it didn’t feel like the thing I wanted to capture today.

As I walked around the house, I remembered a little thing I love about my new (well we’ve been here over a year now) house.

The mantle.

I’ve always wanted a mantle to decorate. Yes, I want to decorate it. Pinterest has so many amazing ideas. They inspire me but until we moved into this house, we didn’t have a mantle. So now we do. And it’s white. It’s something I love and it’s something white so I figured it would be great for today!

Of course, I’ve found out that there is a learning curve when it comes to decorating a mantle. I see so many cute ideas online. But then there is the detail of going out and finding the perfect items to recreate the ideas. That is definitely the challenge. We’re also debating painting our fireplace but we’re not sure what color. We want the mantle to continue to pop.

So, while I adore our mantle, it’s definitely a work in progress!

Do you have a favorite something white?

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