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Champions for Kids

This month’s SIMPLE service project from Champions for Kids involves taking the Jennie-O Make the Switch Challenge! The challenge is to give up one unhealthy food or beverage and then use the money you save to make a healthy food donation for kids. Go even further and challenge your family and friends to take the challenge with you! My family is taking the challenge together and our goal is to replace at least one meal a week with a healthier and more affordable alternative! Then I will take the money saved and make an impact at a very local level.

I will admit that after I get home from working all day long, I don’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. I often look for convenient dinner options that aren’t too horrible for my family. This can often be a challenge but with some planning and a watchful eye at the grocery store it can be done! So I headed off to Walmart with my mom to do our weekly shopping and make some healthier choices in the name of helping children in our community!

Take the Jennie-O Make the Switch Challenge with Champions for Kids!

Shopping at Walmart for Jennie-O products for CFK!

Although I make a concerted effort to plan healthy meals for my family and save money wherever I can, I knew there were a few areas where I could make some small changes and have a big impact. Over the next few weeks, I plan on swapping at least one meal a week and then I will donate the money saved to a student at my school whose family will benefit from having the money in their child’s lunch account as we finish the school year. Students can use their accounts to purchase both breakfast and lunch at school which is a blessing for many children in our area.

Champions for Kids Jennie-O Challenge

Premade dinners that I can just stick in the oven are not something I do every night but I do like the convenience. Unfortunately, convenience seems to come at a price! At $10.97, I knew I could feed my family a great dinner for far less! So this was the meal I plan to swap this week! When I checked out the nutritional label, I knew I had made a great decision. I can make a meal that is much lower in fat and calories! I will admit that we have a tendency to eat more than one serving at a meal, so I try to watch things like fat.

Jennie-O Healthy Switch Challenge

Jennie-O ground turkey is a great alternative to ground beef! Recently we started reducing the amount of red meat in our diet as a family so ground turkey gives me a great alternative. We’ve had turkey burgers and turkey nachos! I knew that the ground turkey would be great for making meat sauce for pasta. It’s not lasagna but still gives my family the same vibe! I was pleased to see that at $2.88, the ground turkey was $1.10 cheaper than ground beef!

Saving Money with Jennie-O and Champions for Kids

Pasta and pasta sauce can vary in price but there are definitely plenty of affordable and healthy options! We only eat whole wheat pasta so I was pleased to see that it was available for the same price as regular pasta. One of the challenges of eating healthier is that the healthy foods always seem to cost more!

It was easy to find all of the ingredients I needed for the main dish of my pasta dinner for the family. I also discovered that there are more Jennie-O turkey products than I ever realized! You can check out my entire shopping trip by visiting my Jennie-O Healthy Switch Challenge Google+ album! I even found Jennie-O turkey franks!


We’ve been eating turkey franks for a few years because they are lower in calories and fat than regular hot dogs. I always cringe a little when I buy them because they are usually more expensive than the regular hot dogs. With Jennie-O turkey franks this is not the case!I had to pick up some of these for dinner one night this week as well!

By shopping for the ingredients for pasta with meat sauce instead of the premade lasagna, I saved $6.75 this week! $6.75 will provide almost 3 lunches for a student at my school who is paying full price. I will round up my donation to at least cover 3 meals this week. We’re going to continue our swaps for the next two weeks and I will keep you updated on the total amount of money I’m able to donate to children at my school to help them pay for a healthy breakfast or lunch each day! I’ve also started building up our food donation and plan to add to it next week!

Making a Healthy Food Donation with Jennie-O and CFK!

I plan on picking up a few more items that could be used to make healthy meals as well as some healthier snack items and donating them to one of the families that participates in a summer program we have to help our lower income families. I love knowing exactly who I’m helping and seeing it make a difference in their lives.

Making a healthy dinner swap with Jennie-O!

For the healthier Italian flavored meal swap, we had some pasta in our cabinet so I saved the other boxes I bought at Walmart for my donation and used the one we had but it cost the same as the other boxes I bought so I was still at the same savings amount to donate! My family loves pasta so this is a swap I knew would be popular with all of them even W!

Cooking with Jennie-O ground turkey!

Although it’s not as convenient as popping a frozen meal into the oven or microwave, I cannot complain too much. It only takes me a few more minutes and I feel much better about the nutritional value of the meal I’m making for my family. It’s definitely a trade off that I’m willing to make. I’m all about raising healthy kids and I know I have to set a good example for my son! Teaching him to pop something in the microwave is not the example I really want to set even though it happens from time to time! It’s just as easy to brown up some Jennie-O ground turkey and add some pasta sauce for a fresh cooked meal!

A healthier and more affordable dinner time swap with Jennie-O!

Will you take the Champions for Kids Jennie-O Make the Switch Challenge with me and some of my blogging buddies? You can follow #JennieoCFK on Twitter to learn how others are taking the challenge! You can also learn more by visiting the Champions for Kids Website, the Jennie-O Website, or checking out the Jennie-O CFK Project Card. You can also find Champions for Kids on Facebook and on Twitter @Champions4Kids.

Will you take the Champions for Kids Jennie-O Make the Switch Challenge with me? What swap would you make? Where would you donate to make a difference in your community?

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