Zooming Around with the Joovy Zoom 360

Zooming Around with the Joovy Zoom 360

Zooming Around with the Joovy Zoom 360

Before I was a mom, I was extremely active. I lost 80 pounds by eating right and working out. In fact, I had my last personal trainer session weeks before W was born. And I was at the gym the day before he was born. It was so easy to find time to take a walk or hit the gym.

Life with a child is not quite as simple. Especially since he’s decided that he doesn’t want to stay in the kids club at my gym. But in my quest to lose the weight I put on after my sister passed away and to model a healthy lifestyle, I needed a way that would let both W and I get moving.

Enter the Joovy Zoom 360.

Joovy Zoom 360 Makes Active Family Fun Easy

Getting Around with Joovy

We love to get out and walk around our neighborhood. It’s a gorgeous place to live and fall weather in Texas can be amazing. But our old stroller just wasn’t cutting it. I wasn’t able to jog and push W straight down the street. It was frustrating for both of us because W is usually more than happy to go for a walk.

The suspension allows W to have a comfortable ride as I work on building up to jog a 5k. The swivel front wheel makes it easy to maneuver and we can lock the front wheel if desired. And like other Joovy products, it comes with accessories that would cost me extra with other strollers. A rain cover and tire pump are items that none of our other strollers came with!

The Joovy Zoom has come to our rescue and we have been all over town with it!

Staying Healthy and Active with Joovy Zoom 360

 Out and About with Joovy

We have been all over the neighborhood, logging mile after mile together. We’ve enjoyed some warm Houston winter days and bundled up to check out the neighborhood Christmas lights. Grambo and J have also gotten in on the Zoom action. J has taken W jogging with him and Grambo is always willing to push the stroller when we’re out walking.

W took his Joovy Zoom to his very first race. He needed a place to relax and ride after he ran his first kids one mile. He didn’t come in last either and ran most of it on his own! But he was more than willing to hop in the Zoom once he was done.

The Zoom folds up easier than my umbrella strollers and fits in the back of my Hyundai Sante Fe, so it’s easy to take with us. We’ve enjoyed taking it over to a local waterway and logging in some miles there as well. We enjoyed Christmas lights along the water and even stopped for frozen yogurt.

Our Joovy Zoom 360 is definitely part of the family these days!

You can learn more about the Zoom 60 on the Joovy website. You can also connect with Joovy on Facebook and on Twitter @Joovy!

Where would you take the Joovy Zoom 360?

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