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Lean Cuisine LunchLean Cuisine Lunch

Sometimes I’m so busy I forget to each lunch. No, that is not something you will ever hear me say. But plenty of my mom and teacher friends have said that to me. They have so many excuses for how busy they are and I completely understand! But there are no more excuses with Lean Cuisine Lunch!

When there are low-calorie options that are ready in just a few minutes, I don’t have any excuses for not eating lunch! Even if it happens later than usual, I can count on Lean Cuisine to be waiting for me during nap time!

If you’re a busy mom, your freezer can be a great ally! Sam’s Club is a great way to fill your freezer fast!

Lean Cuisine Frozen Favorites at Sam's Club

Busy Mom Value at Sam’s Club

Grocery shopping is just one of those things that has to be done. I love shopping but am not a huge fan of grocery shopping week after week. I’ve discovered that shopping at Sam’s Club is an easy way to get great value for my money and stock my freezer and pantry quickly.

I recently learned that Sam’s Club offers a Lean Cuisine Asian Variety pack. W loves the Asian varieties and takes a frozen meal for lunch everyday. So I was definitely interested in seeing what they had to offer! I was also interested to see if we could save a little money. As you know, every little bit helps!

Lean Cuisine Asian Variety Pack at Sam's Club

When I discovered that the 6 pack only cost $11.25, I was ecstatic. At about $1.88 it’s a huge savings from buying them individually at the grocery store! These flavors usually cost about $2.49 unless they are on sale. So that’s a savings of $3.69! Plus, 6 is more than enough to cover J for lunch for a week!

And I don’t have to spend the time trying to figure out which varieties to pick out for him! That’s a time saver as well! You can see my entire shopping experience in my No More Busy Mom Excuses #FrozenFavorites Google+ album!

Lean Cuisine Easy Lunch Frozen Favorites

Easy Lunch for Busy Moms

So I have been keeping a food journal and tracking what I eat. I’m working on staying within a certain number of calories. I also need to get walking regularly with W in the mornings. This is the approach to weight loss that I know will work well in a long-term way.

But I also like things to be easy. Especially when I’m feeling busy or stressed out. Those are also the times when I tend to eat more. So I depend on Lean Cuisine for quick and easy lunch ideas. Sometimes (especially around back to school when my schedule includes some later evenings) I count on them for a filling dinner that doesn’t take too much effort on my part!

Lean Cuisine for Busy Moms

Since I am tracking calories, I love that I can grab a Lean Cuisine out of the freezer and check the calorie count. I usually try to keep a variety stocked so I have different calorie options to go with. Plus, having a variety of flavors is good for staying on track. If you’re trying to avoid things like fast food, having an easy alternative like these frozen meals is a great option!

Lean Cuisine  Weight Watchers

Many of my friends are also working on losing weight and living more active lifestyles. A great thing for them is that while I am tracking my calories, they can easily track their points as well. There are no excuses here! It’s so easy to be aware that even the busiest mom can handle lunch with Lean Cuisine, wouldn’t you say?

Turning Lean Cuisine into a Meal

From Microwave to Meal

As you might know by now, I’m all about easy. Not everything has to be easy but most of my habits involve things that can be done quickly. Sometimes I do enjoy one of these frozen family favorites on its own. But when I want it to round it out and add just a bit more nutrition to it, there are a few things I do.

  • Add a salad! To make it easy, I’ll often grab a premade bagged salad mix when I’m shopping.
  • Slice a veggie! If we have a cucumber or red pepper, I might slice it up and have it on the side.
  • Zap a veggie! This is the one I find is the easiest! I open a can of veggies or grab a steamer bag out of the freezer and heat some extra veggies in the microwave!

So I really have no excuses anymore! I can make a lunch that is a much better alternative to fast food in about as much time as it takes me to go through the drive through. Plus I save gas! Oh, and don’t forget money!

Heating up a Lean Cuisine and adding half a can of vegetables can be as cheap as $2.50 if I buy the Asian Variety pack at Sam’s Club! Add a glass of water and I have a filling lunch that would cost at least twice as much (if not more these days) at a restaurant! That’s definitely a great value and a smarter choice!

How do you get great value while making healthier choices?

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