Low Calorie Dessert Swap: Tapioca with C&H Light Sugar & Stevia Blend

C & H Light Sugar & Stevia Blend

Low Calorie Dessert Swap with C&H Light Sugar & Stevia Blend

I love dessert. I have a sweet tooth that controls me sometimes. I’ll admit it. If you love dessert like I do, you can make some simple swaps and still indulge! By changing a few ingredients, I have turned many of my favorite desserts into lighter versions! My waistline appreciates a good low calorie dessert!

Recently I had the opportunity to use C&H Light as the swap for sugar in one of our favorite desserts — tapioca pudding! I have loved tapioca since I was a little girl so there is definitely a comfort factor involved. C&H Light is a sugar & stevia blend that has half the calories of sugar! It’s a great way to save some calories while still enjoying a family favorite.

C&H Light for Low Calorie Desserts

Tapioca with C&H Light

By blending pure cane C&H® Sugar with a naturally sweet extract from the stevia plant, C&H has created a delicious sweetener with no artificial ingredients that can save you 350 calories per cup! After learning that I was ready to give it a try!

Would it really give my tapioca the sweetness it needed? I remember once when my Nana made tapioca for us and forgot the sugar! It wasn’t quite the same! Not even the dog wanted to eat it!

Saving Calories with Sugar and Stevia Blend

Make a Swap to Save Calories

I know how to make tapioca without even following the directions. That is how often I’ve made it! This time I did have to slow down a bit and do some math! It’s summer and I’m on vacation. I’m not supposed to have to do math! But a 1/2 cup C&H Light equals 1 cup of sugar so there was some calculation to be done.

So what is half of 1/3 cup of sugar? Can you do that one in your head? Well, I will admit that I went the easy route and decided to make a double batch of pudding. So instead of 2/3 cup, I only used 1/3 cup of C&H Light instead of sugar!

C&H Light Sugar & Stevia Blend Swap

Low Calorie Dessert Tapioca

The Trick to Tapioca

If you’ve never made tapioca pudding, it’s not a dessert to put on the stove and check in on. It requires your full attention until it is done. You have to stir it constantly to prevent burning. I don’t recommend doing it with any little helpers in the kitchen! I did it with W in the kitchen with me and it was a challenge.

In fact, while I was trying to stop him from taking everything out of one of the cabinets, I almost forgot one of the most important ingredients!

Tapioca with C&H Light

Don’t forget the vanilla when you’re making tapioca! It won’t matter which sweetener you’re using. It won’t taste quite right! Luckily I remembered before I put it in the refrigerator to chill so all was not lost! Dessert was still a go!

Low Calorie Dessert Tapioca with C&H Light

Making a Low Calorie Dessert with C&H Light

I found C&H Light very easy to work with in the kitchen. Once I did the math, I just measured as I normally would. No fancy tricks or anything! Just measure and go! We often use alternatives to sugar so I was interested to see what my family thought of C&H Light.

There were no complaints and the pudding disappeared within minutes! I think that’s a sign of approval! The tapioca was as sweet as usual and I didn’t experience any difference in flavor. Knowing we were saving calories was great and I will definitely be using it for pudding and perhaps some baking in the future!

C&H Light is available in a 2 lb. resealable pouch and a 40-count packet box. The resealable pouch has been great to keep in the kitchen. My mom drinks at least one cup of hot tea a day so the packets have come in very handy as well!

C&H Light Packets

You can learn more about C&H Light on the C&H website. You can also visit C&HSugar on Facebook. On Facebook be sure to check out the coupon tab and download a coupon!

You can also connect with C&H and Domino on Twitter! Join the Twitter party on August 8th from 8 – 10pm EST to celebrate the sweet life!

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What low calorie dessert would you make with C&H Light?

Formula Mom Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Domino Sugar. I received product samples for review purposes and was compensated. However all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.


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