Mason Jar Cookie Company Takes the Hassle Out of Homemade!

Let me begin by admitting that I have a major sweet tooth! It is definitely one of my weaknesses! There are some sweet things that I can avoid but there are a few that are like my kryptonite — cookies and cake! I love cookies and I love cake and cupcakes even more! They are so difficult to resist and they are one of my biggest challenges when it comes to watching what I eat. I also enjoy baking but have never been great at baking cookies. I definitely prefer to go the cake or cupcake (or cake ball!) route when I’m baking. This is partially because I have had a few unsuccessful attempts at baking cookies from scratch. Give me the premade cookie dough and I’m golden but give me a list of ingredients and things get a little tricky.

Lucky for me the Mason Jar Cookie Company has made things a bit easier for me! Using their website, I was able to create own my own cookie mix! All I had to do was select a cookie base, select my add-ins, name my cookie blend, and personalize the jar. Within a week the Mason Jar Cookie blend I created arrived at my door and I was ready to get baking!

Mason Cookie Jar Company

The most challenging part about these cookies was deciding what to put in my blend when I was on the website! The Mason Jar Cookie Company offers four different cookie bases and over 25 different add-ins with everything from chocolate and candy to fruit and nuts! I went with the traditional cookie base, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, and walnuts. There was a little something for everyone in my blend. If you’re not sure what to put in your blend, The Mason Jar Cookie Company offers seasonal blends for the holidays including Easter and Mother’s Day which makes the jars great gifts for someone you love!

Oh, I did have one other challenge and that involved naming my blend. I wanted to be descriptive instead of just naming it Formula Mom’s Formula or Mariah’s Cookies. After spending about 10 minutes trying to name my cookie blend, I ended up calling it Chocolate Crannut. It was descriptive but not exactly my most creative moment ever!

Mason Jar Cookie Company

What I loved about the cookie mix from The Mason Jar Cookie Company was that everything arrived measured for me! I didn’t have to worry about making sure we had flour and brown sugar although I did have to provide the butter and egg but we usually have those stocked in our refrigerator! Once I got all of the ingredients out, I was ready to get started! The directions were printed right on the side of the jar which made it very easy. I did have some difficulty getting the dry ingredients out of the jar because they were packed in extremely tightly and I never quite got all of the brown sugar blended in smoothly. Other than that, I was feeling very confident about this cookie baking experience.

The Mason Jar Cookie Company makes baking homemade cookies from scratch simple!

Mason Jar Cookie Company Cookie Blend

I was thrilled with how my cookies turned out! The Mason Jar Cookie Company blend worked wonderfully for me! The jar made over 2 dozen cookies! My cookies did have a few brown sugar lumps because of my issues getting the lumps blended in but the flavor of all of the cookies was fabulous! These were all gone within a few hours!

If you or someone you love is a cookie lover or just loves to back, The Mason Jar Cookie Company offers a wonderful gift idea. You have the ability to create your own cookie blend for someone special in your life! The ability to personalize your cookie mix and have it shipped straight to your recipient makes it a great gift option for a special occasion!

You can learn more by visiting The Mason Jar Cookie Company website or following on Twitter @masonjarcookie and Pinterest!

Have you ever tried a mason jar cookie mix? What would you put in your cookie blend from The Mason Jar Cookie Company? What is your favorite type of cookie?

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