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Milk Unleashed Shelf Stable MilkMilk Unleashed! Shelf Safe Milk

W is a huge milk fan. He takes after his mother. No one else in the family really drinks much milk but I’m a huge fan. I was thrilled when W was finally old enough to drink milk rather than formula. It meant we had a drink in the fridge that we could share! Of course, when it comes to taking milk on the go with us, I worry about refrigeration. So when I leaned about Milk Unleashed Shelf Safe Milk, I was intrigued.

Milk Unleashed

I’ll be honest about the fact that I’d never really considered shelf safe milk. But I know how important milk is in our diet. It is essential for bones strong and is crucial for child development as well. My students at school drink it at lunch every single day. So the idea of milk that can sit in my pantry and be used at any time definitely appeals to me. We have run out of milk on more than one occasion around here!

Milk Unleashed: Milk Anytime, Anywhere

Milk Anytime, Anywhere

Shelf safe milk is real milk. It’s not a powder or anything like I had in mind. It has no additives or preservatives. And it requires no refrigeration until it’s opened. So we can truly have milk anytime, anywhere.  This is the perfect solution to our milk mishaps. By keeping a carton or two in the pantry, I won’t have to worry about when we run low on milk in the refrigerator. I’ll always have a back up!

Plus, we can take it when we travel, throw it in the diaper bag for when we’re out and about, and basically enjoy a wonderful convenience!

Oh, and I love that the milk comes in eco-friendly packaging. Just another way I can make a small change in my life that is better for the world we live in. The packaging also keeps the milk safe and maintains the protein, calcium and other important nutrients. Those are both things that are important to me when it comes to being a parent.

Make Milk Easy

I also learned some great tips for getting more milk in my family’s diet (since it’s the adults who need some help, not the little guy):

  • Try flavored milks and mix with white milk to reduce the added sugar.
  • Add milk to yogurt to make your own drinkable yogurt.
  • Make oatmeal with milk instead of water.
  • Make creamy soups with milk instead of water. We only make out tomato soup with milk around here!
  • Let the kids drink the cereal milk once the cereal is gone in the morning!

I love these easy tips and knowing that if we add some shelf safe milk to our pantry, I’ll never be left hanging. It’s not fun when you’re waiting for Dad to get home from the store while W yells, “Misk!” over and over again. Trust me!

You can learn more by connecting with Milk Unleashed on Facebook and on Twitter @milkunleashed! You can check out where shelf safe milk is available near you!

Tell me how you get your family to drink more milk!

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