Mohawk Home Rugs Add WOW Factor to Your Home! (Review)

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My mother and I love to design and redecorate rooms in our homes. We’re not afraid to paint, change light fixtures, and we’ve laid laminate and carpet tiles on our own! It’s all about finding inspiration and then tracking down the perfect pieces to finish off the room!

When we first walked into our new house with our realtor, one room that caught our eye was the formal dining room. It had some great bones! I snagged a photo off my phone to show you where we started. We loved the molding and the paint color was enough color yet still neutral enough to work for now!

Room with Good Bones in Need of WOW!

As you can see the floors are gorgeous, the molding is a great detail, and the light fixture is even doable for now. It’s a large room and the first thing we knew we needed as a dining room table. We had an old rectangular one that was black iron with a glass top. It wasn’t quite right for the room and it was old! So we went on a quest for a new table.

We eventually found a table we loved at Pier One after a marathon shopping trip that left my feet aching. It should be noted that Pier One was the first store we went to and where we ended up returning to buy the table. Isn’t that how it always works out?

The table was the perfect centerpiece for the room. Combined with a buffet (actually a dresser from IKEA), some wall art and decorative pieces we already had, the room was almost done. There was just something missing though. My mom and I both knew it. We needed something on the floor!

Mohawk Home rugs can be just the piece you need to add WOW factor to your home!

After we first moved in, Mohawk Home came to the rescue in our living room with a rug that was just perfect under busy toddler feet. So when we needed something for the dining room, I knew Mohawk would have something for us!

I wanted a rug with a bit more formal feel than I usually go for and it had to have certain colors. All of our accents on our first floor are robin’s egg blue and red. If you’ve been following my House Files you know I went bold with the color in our powder room (and we’re still loving it). We needed to pull one or both of those colors into the room, so that was what I went searching for!

Mohawk Rugs put the finishing touches on the room!

I couldn’t have found a more perfect rug! I love the colors and the swirling paisley pattern of the Mohawk Home Select Canvas Bangkok 5×8 rectangle rug. It has more formal feel to it and is still modern enough to fit right into my home! As you can see the baby and dogs loved having a rug down on the hardwood floor!

I always think that a 5×8 rug sounds like it’s too small for a room but I cannot imagine using a larger one. I want our floors to still show so the 5×8 was the perfect size for our dining room. It’s also the size we have in our living room and it’s perfect there too!

Mohawk Rug gives the dining room WOW factor!

The Mohawk rug is the perfect finishing touch under our new dining room table and chairs!

I cannot wait to make many memories in our dining room. I can just imagine holidays, birthdays, and celebrations of achievements shared in this gorgeous room over the next 20 years! It’s going to be beautiful thanks to Mohawk Home!

About Mohawk Home

Mohawk Home is the rug division of Mohawk Industries. It is the largest manufacturer of area rugs, indoor and outdoor mats, and washable rugs in the United States. You can get connected with Mohawk Home on Facebook, on Twitter @mohawk_home , and on YouTube! You can check out all of the great Mohawk Home retailers and find a rug to fit your needs!

 Around the House Giveaway Event

As part of the Noise Girls Around the House Giveaway Event, you will have the chance to win a prize package designed For the Living Room that includes an in-stock Mohawk Home rug of choice (valued up to $149.99)! Thank you so much to Mohawk Home for the generous prize offering! Be sure to come back on June 25th to enter for your chance to win!

Which room in your house could use a bit of WOW with a Mohawk Home Rug?

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  1. Leslie says

    It’s one thing I forget myself, but your photo reminds me how much difference an area rug can make. It really brightens up the mood of the room, from drab to fab.

  2. Pinky Sade says

    Rugs really do brighten up a room and make it look so pretty! I love the choice at Mohawk Rugs and hope to win one soon! :)

  3. Jill A. Collins says

    We recently finished our family room and bought Mohawk wall to wall carpeting for it. I absolutely love it. After comparing many different brands, it was perfect to give our room that perfect finishing touch.

  4. polly says

    i would love a rug for our dining room…i’ve had mohawk rugs and they hold up so nice! they have a wonderful variety to choose from.

  5. Christa Krebs says

    You definitely made a good choice! This rug ties the whole room together and it looks fabulous!

  6. Robin Quick says

    I love Mohawk rugs! Ive been trying to win one a year! Ive got my heart set on one for my living room!

  7. Joan Buehl says

    I would be thrilled to have one of the Mohawk rugs. This is fabulous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to enter. The prizes are fantastic.

  8. Shannon M Gallagher says

    I love Mohawk rugs and have been hoping to win one for awhile now. The one you have in the pics is just beautiful and adds such great color to the room!!

  9. Danielle Papsis says

    I like the before and after pictures. I didn’t like the particular rug on it’s own, but it really brings everything together and makes things pop! Mohawk rugs seems to have quite the selection too.

  10. Luda says

    Love the rug, however i have a question it looks great under the table, and i was always afraid to put a nice rug like that under my table thinking how much food i would have clean after each dinner with all the kids.

  11. Tami Valentine says

    I love that these aren’t just for the kitchen. I’d love one for my living room…and yes, the cats would think it was put there just for them!

  12. Vesta Mason says

    A good rug like this one is not only beautiful , it also protects your floors and/or carpets.

  13. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love their rugs and it is great they have so many sizes and designs. I could use one in the dining room, our current one is nasty.

  14. Stephanie Bondlow says

    There are several designs that catch my eye. Deciding will be tricky on the final rug!

  15. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love their carpets and you can find them at so many retailers. It is time for me to change my carpet so this would be great!

  16. says

    I’d never considered getting an area rug before. However, while our living room furniture goes OK together, it doesn’t quite match. Then I suddenly realized that an area rug which blended the colors would pull it all together just perfectly.

  17. Renee Richardson says

    I’ve had my eyes on Mohawk for awhile now. Love the pictures, it did make a beautiful addition :)

  18. Alicia E. says

    I really want a Mohawk rug for my bedroom, because it could really use some color on the floor!

  19. Lisa B. says

    Great designs and colors of the rugs. Would be nice if offered as a giveaway. So many to choose from.

  20. Ellen Levickis says

    What we really need is a bit of wow in the hallway to the bedrooms. I would like to replace the runner with one that does have a bit more WOW.

  21. Mary Rodwicz says

    Wow ,,love the pattern and the many bright colts really bring out the room! Love it! Mary @alongcamemary1

  22. Kathy Ross says

    I think they look really sturdy. If I won it would go in our bedroom. I love the designs they have too. Elegant and simple. I’d love to have one!

  23. Gretchen Gerth says

    I have a beige carpet in my living room and a great Mohawk rung to bring pops of color. I loved all of the choices available when I was looking for the perfect rug.

  24. MommaMary says

    I love the carpet and the high quality. I like that this little bit of carpet can add so much color to the room.

  25. chelesa sims says

    I like their designs but i think my favorite is the one you have in the picture .I have hard wood flooring too. I love how the colors stand out.

  26. melissa holske says

    i am in love with mohawk rugs they are just gorgeous …… that is really awesom that u and your mom have common ground and do things together

  27. Wendy Pence says

    I would, love, love, LOVE to try a Mohawk Rug. I’ve been looking at them & they have some really beautiful designs!! :0)

  28. penelope merriweather says

    This would be a great addition to my home! Thanks for the giveaway! Love these rugs <3

  29. says

    The Mohawk rugs would be perfect for my daughter’s bedroom, as we recently tore out the old carpet and laid new wood flooring; and with the cold nights, it gets pretty chilly when walking on the bare floor.

  30. Erin L R says

    we just bought a new home with NO carpet. I need lots of rugs and I’ve been eyeing the mohawk brand

  31. Jenny Stanek says

    I think the colors on these are utterly amazing, I would love one of these for my dining room!

  32. Kasee Johnson says

    The rug you chose has just enough pop and pizzazz without being over-the-top. Great choice! And that exact rug would look perfect in my library ….

  33. Deborah Hogue says

    Mohawk has always been a leading name in area rugs. They offer such a variety of patterns that there is sure to be something to please anyone who is shopping for this item. I love Mohawk and am looking into getting one for my living room

  34. Shelbie Johnston says

    I LOVE your new rug! You even have my Boston Terrier in your home :) Looks just like my Ms Bella :)

  35. Rosey (Sarah Smile) says

    You really did find the perfect rug to pull out the colors. That room looks fabulous, and I have no doubt, just as you mentioned, that it’s going to lend itself to some great family moments.

  36. Susan Marina Brown Lane says

    I have already looked at a lot of Mohawk rugs online – including those sold at Sears and Wal-Mart. I saw several that I Love and I eventually plan to get one for my den and my bedroom. The one you chose looks great in your home! =)

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