Mom Stop Comparing Yourself

In honor of Mother’s Day, this week’s Mom Made Easy tip is a piece of advice that sounds so simply but is easily forgotten when life gets busy!

Mom Made Easy: Stop Comparing Yourself

Mom Made Easy: Stop Comparing Yourself!

Stop worrying about what all of your mom friends are doing! Don’t waste your time thinking about what the mothers of your child’s friends are doing. You do not to be involved in every single thing at your child’s school. You do not have to be the head of every committee or sell the most in every fundraiser. Your worth as a mother is not measure in the number of activities you are involved in. Do what you can. Do what you want to do and what your children want you to do. Say no to things that are not of benefit to you and your family. It sets a good example for your children. Remember, you are enough and everything you do, no matter how big or small is enough!

Do you struggle with trying to keep up with the other moms? How have you learned to stop comparing yourself with other moms?