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As a mom, finding time to relax and just have some me time is a huge challenge. Personally, I struggle with the fact that I want to be with W all of the time but if I don’t take some time for myself then I it becomes more challenging to be patient with everything going on around the house. I think it’s important for all moms to take some mommy me time on a regular basis. Of course, that is easier said than done and that was this week’s discussion topic for The Mommy Mindset gals!

The Mommy Mindset: Mommy Me Time

Mariah: What do you do to find me time as a mom?

Sarah: Twice a month I have a mom’s night out. We really don’t do much more than go out to dinner, have a few drinks, and talk but it’s so nice to know to get that break. I also have an extra supportive husband who takes my daughter with him everywhere. If he needs to run errands, he always wants her to tag along with him. It’s bonding time for them and break time for me. That means I can go for a run, shop at Target by myself, or just do absolutely nothing!

Mary: Yoga! I was never the type to go to a class until a few months ago but it is the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. Peace of mind, serenity, etc. Reading is also a way for me to unwind. Of course, I have to lock myself in the bathroom to get any peace but it’s so worth it!

Lena: I struggle to find time and opportunities. I try to ask my husband to let me do my stuff, but rarely get out before 9 pm when kids are in bed and at that point it doesn’t look like much of a time off. At the best, I get out some place with my laptop to do more of the same — blogging!

Mariah: I will be honest and admit that I don’t have that much time to myself where I’m not with W or working. I usually get a few hours on the weekend without little man or work and I love to go shopping and get lunch with my mom! I also get time to grocery shop but that isn’t quite the same! I need to have a mom’s night out, Sarah! That sounds like a blast!

Ghada: I am struggling too at the moment. Hubby was starting to take our 4.5 year old with him everywhere, especially when I was pregnant. But now with Miss 5 months, I seem to always have her with me. I try to create small opportunities to relax at home when she is asleep and her brother is at preschool. I also enjoying going for a run, she is still with me, just in the stroller but at least I get time alone in my own head!

Emily: I’m glad that I’m not in this boat alone! Between The Texan’s work and rugby schedules there is no time left for me to sneak away. Sure, there are a few hours each day while The Boy is napping, but I can’t exactly leave him alone to have some “me” time.

I know that it is important to have other interests and explore my hobbies more. But honestly, I don’t see the benefit of hiring a sitter so I can do whatever it is I might feel like doing. I prefer to not ask my parents to take The Boy unless The Texan and I are going out somewhere fun. I will admit that I am envious of Sarah, maybe I should move closer to her for inspiration!

Leila: You mean I’m supposed to have time for myself!? When I had a job that was time to myself. In the past month that I’ve been laid off I’ve gotten one “evening” to myself which was Saturday night and it was spent at my besties house doing my taxes! I rarely get time to myself!

Sarah: I’m telling you, if I don’t have some “me” time, everyone suffers! My husband also travels a lot so sometimes it makes it difficult but I’ve built a great network of friends and we swap babysitting if needed. Not to rub it in further, but I also do a girls weekend away every year. My friends are scattered all over the country so it’s the only way for us to really connect.

Leila: Oh trust me! People are suffering! I haven’t really made friends in the 9 years I’ve been in AZ (well, true friends) and I don’t have a babysitter either so it’s hard to do things for me. I like the idea of girl weekend though!

Mariah: A girls night or weekend does sound like a blast but part of my struggle is that I miss my little man so much when I’m not with him! I think that will probably get easier as he gets older though.

Leila: I tend to feel guilty when I’m away from my kids which is another reason I don’t get me time.

Mariah: It sounds like we all have our own challenges when trying to balance our emotions and our time! I think it’s important to try to steal a few small moments to ourselves even if it is during naptime. Just sit and read a few pages in a good book or enjoy a cup of tea! Take a little mommy me time and everyone will be happier!

How do you get your mommy me time? Is your family supportive or do you have to steal small moments? What do you do when you have some me time?

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