My Mommy Super Power (The Mommy Mindset)

The Mommy Mindset

As I’ve mentioned before I am an official Nuby Mommy Blogger and one of the things I had to share with Nuby was my Mommy Super Power. It was challenging to figure out what my Mommy Super Power is and I have a feeling that you develop more and more powers as your children grow up!

My Mommy Super Power is LOVE!

My Mommy Super Power is love because I never understood complete unconditional love until W was born. Now my love has the power to turn his frown into a smile and make everything better when he’s hurt or having a difficult day. That definitely makes me feel like I have a Mommy Super Power!

So I asked a few of my blogging pals that are also moms about their Mommy Super Power and I loved hearing their responses!

What is your Mommy Super Power?

  • Leila, Life as Leels: I have super hearing — I hear all! My kids swear I do anyway!
  • Sara, Sweet Silly Sara: I have the ability to never sleep! (That is a super power, right?)
  • Rita, Mom With a Dot Com: Sounds crazy but I have super smell. I’m not too sure if that is a good thing!
  • Dawn, Cheap is the New Classy: My Mommy Super Power is the ability to squeeze a nickel out of a dime! These teens are expensive!
  • Kristen, My 3 Little Kittens: I have the Mommy Super Power of Detecting Lies Before They are Even About to Be Spoken!
  • Maggie, Tethered Mommy: I have eyes in the back of my head. Don’t you roll those eyes at me!
  • Nicole, MamaNYC: I have eyes in the back of my head. I predict what my son is doing when he is out of the room (even when he isn’t making any sounds for me to GUESS). My husband calls it creepy; I call it motherhood.
  • Cyndy, Mama Does It All: My mommy superpower is knowing the location of nearly every item in our home at any given time, even if it is not mine and I was not the last one to use it.
  • Laura, Dealin and Dishin: I can tell when my son is lying. I hope I don’t lose that one!

What is your Mommy Super Power?